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JF Trail to Fish Creek overlook, AZ
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JF Trail to Fish Creek overlook, AZ 
JF Trail to Fish Creek overlook, AZ
Hiking Nov 23 2008
Hiking4.00 Miles
Hiking4.00 Miles
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Just needed a little trip to get away. Knew round-about where I was heading but had no clear plan. Beat the sun up and drove out towards Fish Creek. I got to Canyon lake early enough to see the sunrise light up the cliffs and to use the ABS on a slow road crossing deer (although in hindsight, Thanksgiving Deer has a nice ring to it).
Just before the lookout on 88, I turned off on the 231.
There's a nice little gate-keeper obstacle at the beginning that will determine if you're going to continue. If you make it up it, there's really no more very tough spots, the road just stays jarringly rough.
I stopped off at the windmill at the trailhead for Peter's Canyon and hiked a little ways in to check out the foiliage. The birds there sure didn't care that there wasn't any water in the Creek. They were carrying on and on regardless.
Drove the rest of the way to trailhead and started hoofing it down the JF. About 1.25mi in, I decided to blaze out towards an overlook into Fish Creek. A good mile later had me perched right above the juncture of Fish and Lost Dutchman Canyon,a good picture, echo, and lunch spot.
I decided to hike back along the fence row, which shows up on the GPS and G Earth as an old road. Not visably so from ground level, but an old broken tail light confirmed it.
I saw 3 more deer while out there and a few obvious animalie bed down spots, but no other sightings.
May he guide you through the wilderness : protect you through the storm;
May he bring you home rejoicing : at the wonders he has shown you;
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