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Munds Mountain Trail #77
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mini location map2008-08-17
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Munds Mountain Trail #77Flagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 17 2008
Hiking6.50 Miles
Hiking6.50 Miles
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We had thought about doing Fossil Springs being that it's closed until February :x I decided to take my own trip.
I added Munds Mountain into my GPS waypoints and started heading up to Sedona.
Once I got to the Schnebly Vista Point the storms had just begun to roll in on Sedona. After a few pics, I drove across the road to the west end of 153a. The road out to it was no where near maintained and even with my clearance I still banged a few times; it didn't help that it had begun to pour turning what little dirt there was to slop. I had fun though and the trail did pass by a few additional vistas.
I eventually made it to my HAZ GPS marker of the Munds trailhead as the rain still came down heavily. There was still daylight left and I didn't want to just sit around so I hiked to a close by overlook with my poncho and camera. I found a nice spot blocked by the rocks and sat and watched the rain fall 2000 feet below. When it grew dark the rain let up and I hiked back to my camp. I ate my camp food and then lay down to watch the lightning, falling asleep to the sound of the rain.
I awoke at 5:00am before the sun, grabbed some light food and began my hike. As I climbed up the hill from the saddle, I looked back to see smoke near camp. At first it didn't look like much, but as the sun rose and lit it from behind, it grew. Seeing no one at all when I came in and that the smoke had grown, I deduced that lightning from the storm had struck a tree setting it on fire not a mile from camp. It was still white smoke so I figured that the area was wet enough to keep it from spreading. Plus I had hiked almost to the top and the smoke was enough for any tower to spot. It ended up that plenty of planes and helicopters circled it calling it in before I got back down anyway. Once at the top I checked out some of the edges that overlooked Sedona, but seeing that the trail continued, I did as well. I ended up traveling over three miles through meadows and oaken shadows all the way to the very end of Munds Tank. The main trail wasn't too hard to find and was still marked every once in a while with cairns, although it looked mostly used, judging from the tracks, by game. When I came to the end of the trail I hiked around the hill until I found myself overlooking Chicken Corners at the end of Broken Arrow. With my zoom lens I could actually see people exiting the pink Jeeps for their own view. About that time the sun stopped playing the shadows and the valley view became brighter. It really was amazing. I stopped here for quite awhile, taking pics and trying to figure out which rock formations were which. I then backtracked a little until I could travel along a narrow ridge that jutted away from the main landscape. I ate lunch on the ridge and then headed out. It was a little tough getting back to the main trail because of the overgrown oak, but I eventually made it back to the single track. It got a little warmer with the noon sun now out, but nothing too bad with the breeze. After finally descending, I saw the smoke was still going, but that my Xterra was still there intact. Once I had loaded everything back up, I hiked over to the fire and found 4 firefighters working on it. I chatted with them and snapped a few pics. The large tree that was still very much on fire at top and bottom ended up snapping as well. It made the fire a little bigger but they radioed in that the "Olympic Fire" was 100% contained. While talking they asked if I had seen the bear up where I had been hiking. They were surprised I hadn't because apparently they usually do. Having filled up my card with all the trip pics and the fire finally dying down a little, I hiked back to my vehicle and drove out the way I came.
Fire - Wildfire
May he guide you through the wilderness : protect you through the storm;
May he bring you home rejoicing : at the wonders he has shown you;
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