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Goudy Grant Loop, AZ
mini location map2022-09-03
28 by photographer avatarchumley
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Goudy Grant Loop, AZ 
Goudy Grant Loop, AZ
Hiking14.57 Miles 4,499 AEG
Hiking14.57 Miles   7 Hrs   35 Mns   2.03 mph
4,499 ft AEG      24 Mns Break
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1st trip
With a weekend full of options, this was my first choice as I had not previously been on either the Goudy Ridge or Grant Creek trails. A couple of recent reports on Goudy Ridge reflected post-fire trail work had been complete. On the other hand, the report of the death of Grant Creek 305 has been greatly exaggerated. In reality, it is as nice as Goudy Ridge and probably rehabbed by the same crew that did Goudy in mid-2021 sometime. In any case, both trails have been rehabbed post fire and are in fine shape for the limited use each probably sees.

One hiccup we had on the loop came in the lower sections of Goudy 310 where summer monsoon rains have spurred grass that has grown to about knee high. We missed one switchback in the 6800-6400 stretch but it took about 20 seconds to realize it and get back on the nicely cut tread. Grass persisted all the way to the creek, but even a marginally attentive hiker should not get off track.

Grant was flowing nicely and we followed the old road upstream. Post-fire flood damage is evident and looks like the trail has been relocated above a couple of eroded banks. At the arrow-signed fork (which mysteriously points only one way) we headed up to check out the falls which were flowing nicely. For hikers who start at the bottom, this appears to be the primary destination and the trail is nicely maintained and easy to follow. After a break at the falls we headed back to the fork and continued upstream trying to avoid as much poison ivy as possible. It's not too bad, but I gave up trying to avoid it and resigned myself to a thorough scrubbing when we got back to camp.

We took a final break where the trail crosses Post Creek just before it begins the solid climb back up to Cunningham. The fire burned through here but there was still plenty of unburned tree cover and well-cleared trail. Every switchback has a nice rock border built so even if aggressive growth occurs in the next few years, the tread should be easy to spot. As it is currently, it's just a solid 2000 foot climb in 3 miles that we managed to knock off in about 90 minutes.

The second hiccup of the day occured at the very top of the trail where it cuts through a severely burned matchstick zone. Here the tread is fully lost to grass and deadfall that doesn't appear to have been cut. This lasts for less than a quarter mile from the 8800 foot contour up about 100 feet, but it's easy enough to just make your way to the ridge and find the route again.

From here I took off ahead of the others, crossed Moonshine Creek and climbed up to the road. Not excited about the 3 mile road walk back to camp, I flashed some calves to flag down the first truck I saw, and Cletus'd my way into the bed for an easy ride back to camp where I promptly hopped in my truck and headed back to pick up John and Karl.

This was a great loop with awesome scenery, caves, waterfalls, wildflowers, perfect weather, clouds, breezes, distant views, etc. And definitely a solid workout. I'm glad that the fire didn't affect this drainage more severely. It's a winner.

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