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Ventana Peak - Sawtooth Mountains
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mini location map2022-12-24
54 by photographer avatarMike_W
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Ventana Peak - Sawtooth MountainsTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking8.10 Miles 1,387 AEG
Hiking8.10 Miles   5 Hrs   30 Mns   1.47 mph
1,387 ft AEG
1st trip
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Went with Brian and Jim to hike Ventana peak for the second time. There are some arrows painted in white that lead to a difficult and potentially dangerous climbing area. We decided to follow the arrows for the first section, then we walked West toward a large saddle. From there we went East toward the window or natural arch. We decided to summit and then stop to see the arch on the way down. The summit is only about 200 feet as the crow flies from the natural arch, but getting from the arch to the peak isn't so straight-forward. The easiest way from the arch is to hike West down the slope until you get to a large cactus. Then you will see a way to climb up going North and East. You will spiral your way to the top from here. Some sections will require some basic climbing. At the top there was a large ammo box with a few names. Brian summited in Feb 2022, and there was another 3 person group in November, and then our 3 person group today. So, this peak only gets a few hikers per year. It was a great adventure and we all love the peacefulness of this area. We did unfortunately see evidence of border crossers. A lot of cans were left behind and a lot of trash. Not sure how recent any of it is though.
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