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Falcon Benchmark
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mini location map2022-12-27
31 by photographer avatarMike_W
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Falcon BenchmarkTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking4.90 Miles 1,059 AEG
Hiking4.90 Miles   3 Hrs      1.63 mph
1,059 ft AEG
1st trip
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I summited 2 peaks in a loop on this beautiful day. The Tucson high temp was 78 but on these peaks it may have been a few degrees cooler, perhaps 72. The first one was the Tortilla BM and the second was Falcon BM. I did these peaks as a loop starting with Tortilla BM first.

The drive to get here was time consuming and a bit tricky. 4x4 and high clearance is required, especially for the last few miles along the powerline road also known as Hedgehog trail. After summitting Tortilla BM, I followed the ridgeline down South then East until I got to a wide open sandy wash. After crossing the wash, I continued Northeast until I reached a barbed wire fence. This fence seemed to be about halfway between the wash down below and the high ridgeline. I assumed this wash was to keep cattle from getting too far away. I didn't see any private property signs anywhere. I carefully slid under the fence and continued East to the high ridgeline. Once on the ridgeline, I continued Southeast, then East to get to the Falcon BM high point. I found a survey marker at the top along with a registry which I signed. This peak was not so rocky and covered a pretty large area. I saw a decent sized mesquite tree near the end of the ridge and expected the registry to be there but it was further to the East / further out on the ridgeline. From here I continued back the way I came but ended up hiking further North / Northwest down the ridge. Eventually I reached the wide sandy wash and followed that back to where I parked. I saw a few more cows near the tank and in the wash getting some shade.

AEG = 1778 for both Tortilla BM and Falcon BM

Approximate Times:
parking area to Tortilla BM: 1 hr 10 mins
Tortilla BM to Falcon BM: 1 hr 45 mins (45 minutes to wash, 1 hour to Falcon BM from there)
Falcon BM to parking area: 1 hr 30 mins (1 hr 5 mins to wash, 25 mins to parking area from there)
Total roundtrip time = 4 hrs 25 mins
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