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California Riding and Hiking Trail - JTNP
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mini location map2009-03-14
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California Riding and Hiking Trail - JTNPInland, CA
Inland, CA
Hiking avatar Mar 14 2009
Hiking37.30 Miles 3,000 AEG
Hiking37.30 Miles3 Days         
3,000 ft AEG
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1st trip
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About 3 days hiking the entire length of the CA Riding and Hiking trail through Joshua Tree National Park.

Wednesday: Arrive at Black Rock about 6 pm and park and register at the backcountry camping board. Hike in about 2-3 miles the first night. The part of the CA R+H trail through Black Rock is the place where one will most likely get lost or lose the trail. We did. Spent the night in a wash.

Thursday: Tried my best to follow the CARHT but the network of trails around black rock was very confusing, some of the junctions are signed some are not, very confusing place. We ended up on the Eureka peak trail, followed that up to a 4x4 road that we knew paralleled the CARHT and then hiked the trail to Covington Flats. At this point the trail is easy to follow all the way to its end 30 miles later. We hiked from Covington Flats 11 miles to Keys View Road, and then .8 miles to Ryan campground, spent the night there. Made friends with the fellow campers who had drove in and stayed warm around a nice big fire. This was by far the hardest day. 16+ miles from Black Rock to Ryan CG when you take into account us getting lost and going out of our way.

Friday: Relatively easy. Ryan campground 5.5 FLAT miles to Geology Tour Road. My favorite part of the hike everywhere around was nothing but Joshua Tree forests and nothingness with the weird rock formations JTNP has come to be known for. From Geology Tour Road 4.3 flat and downhill miles to the main park road at Twin Tanks backcountry board, where we had stashed water just in case. We then hiked an additional 1.1 miles to Belle Campground so we could have a fire that night and the luxury of outhouses and dumpsters. Might as well have been a Hilton, made no difference to me.

Saturday: EASY day, woke up early hiked 6 DOWNHILL miles to the North Entrance thus completing a hike across Joshua Tree. We finished by 9:30 am. We were waiting for our ride, but they were still 3+ hours away from us, so we hitched a ride with some college girls from Colorado in Cali for their spring break :) they drove us back to our car at Black Rock.

We hiked 37 miles, met some new and interesting people, and made some more memories. Great trip and a great spring break!
Joshua Tree
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