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Overland Lake Trail
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mini location map2018-07-06
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Overland Lake TrailElko, NV
Elko, NV
Hiking avatar Jul 06 2018
Hiking12.40 Miles 3,000 AEG
Hiking12.40 Miles
3,000 ft AEG
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Interesting to see a generic hike description for this one. However, this is not a loop hike, just an out and back. The Overland Trail connects to the Ruby Crest Trail so there is the potential for shuttles of longer distances and extended trips. Just be aware that the most direct route to Overland Lake and returning is not a loop.

The Overland trail connects to the Ruby Crest Trail about halfway along the Ruby Crest Trail. Trailhead is located in Ruby Valley North of the National and State Wildlife Refuges. I was surprised because despite the hike being in high elevation, there is very limited shade along the trail and no water.Overland Lake is a decent sized lake in the Rubies that has a reproducing population of Brook Trout (non-native, delicious).

Got started late, around 10:30. It was already hot. Expect sun exposure most of the hike. We saw tons of large Orthopterans (grass hopper or cricket) in the lower elevations. These looked different from the "horse lubbers" I've seen in AZ. Got to the lake a little after 1:30. What a beautiful lake. The destination is especially unexpected given how dry the hike up is. We fished for about an hour before heading back. Nice day hike. I would love to do more in the Ruby Mountains.
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