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JF-Fish Creek Loop, AZ
mini location map2008-11-09
28 by photographer avatarrally_toad
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JF-Fish Creek Loop, AZ 
JF-Fish Creek Loop, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 09 2008
Backpack19.90 Miles
Backpack19.90 Miles2 Days         
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A nice, but tiring loop hike by combining the Tortilla Road, JF Trail, parts of the Rogers Canyon Trail and Frog Tanks Trail, and the entire length of Fish Creek Canyon. Started with a nice relaxing road walk to the trailhead from SR-88. Next the JF trail which was very overgrown and extremely difficult to find in some places. My legs and arms got scratched up on the JF and Rogers Canyon trails. Got to Angels Basin, and Wally guided me to the Rogers Canyon Cliff dwellings, since this was my first time in the area. Really neat dwellings. Returned to Angel Basin then hiked down Frog tanks to a nice campsite Mike knew about. Spent the night here, heard hooting owls and Bigfoot vocalizations. In the morning hiked the entire length of Fish Creek Canyon, only 7 miles or thereabouts but felt much, much longer. In Fish Creek me and Mike saw a really mellow Blacktail Rattlesnake, which I was able to get some nice photos of. Then later on, Mike and I spooked a huge group of Coatimundis, but they were too fast(or I was too slow) to get any pictures. The last part of Fish Creek seemed to draw on forver. I knew I was getting close to the road when I started to see trash. Sure enough a few hundred yards around a bend was Fish Creek Bridge. Superstitionguy and snakemarks were waiting there to give us a ride back to Wally's jeep. Thanks guys!
Not 5 minutes after getting out of the canyon the rain started to fall. I was glad that I was done before the rain started to fall, and felt bad for Wally and Steve who hiked part of Fish Creek in the rain.
The mileage is an estimate.
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