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Manning Camp Loop, AZ
mini location map2009-04-26
12 by photographer avatarrally_toad
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Manning Camp Loop , AZ 
Manning Camp Loop , AZ
Backpack avatar Apr 26 2009
Backpack21.40 Miles 4,500 AEG
Backpack21.40 Miles2 Days         
4,500 ft AEG
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1st trip
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This was an overnight backpack from Miller Creek Trailhead up Miller Creek to Heartbreak Ridge, from Heartbreak Ridge to Devil's Bathtub to Manning Camp. We spent the night at Manning camp, what a great place, camping in comfort complete with picnic tables and an outhouse with hand sanitizer. :D Day two we went down Turkey Creek Trail to Turkey Creek th, then walked the dirt road back to Miller Creek. This was a really nice hike, but it was a tough one, lots of climbing the first day, but I think Manning Camp is so nice its worth the hard hike. If I were to show someone a picture of the tall pines at Manning and ask them where in AZ they think it is, I bet I'd see alot of people guess that its around Flagstaff, or up on the Rim, but this awesome high country retreat is south of Tucson!
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