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mini location map2009-04-05
14 by photographer avatarDanaLee67
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Hog CanyonPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Canyoneering avatar Apr 05 2009
Canyoneering7.30 Miles 1,130 AEG
Canyoneering7.30 Miles   4 Hrs   30 Mns   1.62 mph
1,130 ft AEG
Canyon Hiking - Non-technical; no rope; easy scrambling; occasional hand use
A - Dry or little water; shallow or avoidable water; no wet/dry suit
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1st trip
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I don't think anyone has really expressed how awesome this canyon is! My husband and I had so much fun and thought it was beautiful! The two miles across the desert until you get in to the canyon was kind of boring, but once you are there it is worth it! I would say that it is an easier canyon than Monument Canyon to get around in. Once you get to the waterfalls and petroglyphs there is a little climbing to get to the top, which I highly recommend. The better petroglyphs are up above the lower pools. The pools were full and there was a little water drizzling down. Definitley climb as far to the left of the first pool as you can get, but it's not that hard. We saw a lot of toads that were silverish or even albino looking. Pretty bazaar. We didn't see anyone from parking area to the falls. Love the solitude! A definite two thumbs up!! :D

For those that want destination coords- N33 25.323 W111 25.536 will get you to the bottom pool!
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