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Havasu Canyon Trail
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Northwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Backpack Sep 27 2009
Backpack22.00 Miles 2,496 AEG
Backpack22.00 Miles2 Days         
2,496 ft AEG
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OK. This is one of my longest write-ups ever and many, many pics that tell the story.Pics to be posted tonight.

The turtle picked me up at midnight and we were off. I saw a new side of Denny on this trip. His car can actually go faster than 65 mph. I have been looking forward to this trip for a few weeks now. Uneventful drive up except for an hour delay making it a 6 hr drive, good thing we had Phil Collins, Bob Seger, and the Eagles to rock out with ;) . We met Dave at the TH sometime before 6am. We took a couple of pics (1 pic idea I stole from our fearless leader). We were off at 6:30 and we had the trail to ourselves until we encountered a few horses and a chukar (I think). We took some pics along the way and before long I came across a lucky horseshoe. I took a pic of Dave and Denny with the lucky charm. Unfortunately, the luck didn't rub off on me or Denny as you'll learn later. A little further down, we came across some old mining equipment and planned some future shots for the hike out.

When I saw the Pony Express coming, I knew I was getting closer to the village. I had to sneak in a Denny shot. At this point, I was all alone having been abandoned by my partners. I waited...they waited...blah...blah... I met them at the campground or should I say they met me. They said they were waiting for me, but secretly I think they were having lunch at the restaurant. My first wow was at one of the new falls. I snapped a few pics here and journeyed on The Lonesome Hiker. Next stop Havasu Falls, if I had known it was the last time I'd see it this weekend; I would have paid it more reverence. Then I saw a copter bringing in portajohns.

I picked out our spot and waited and waited. Yay... here they come. How was lunch? What are you talking about? We waited for you for like an hour. We quickly setup camp and we were off to Mooney Falls. We frolicked in the water and snapped photos and enjoyed each others company. Fate struck at approximately 12:42 Pacific Time zone. I didn't listen to the signs (which I never do) and one thing lead to another and I got an owieee. I was pissed but it only lasted about 5 mins. Would I do it again, you bettcha. I didn't even get the shot I wanted. At least I had shrimp to look forward to for lunch (sale 4.99 marked down from 13.99 per Pd). Star light star bright please make my toe right.

We went back to Mooney Falls that night and took some pics of the creatures of the night. We saw a ringtail but no one got a pic.

The next day Dave hiked out and I pimped/pawned Denny off on our neighbors. Are you sure you'll be alright? If the roles were reversed, I'd leave you here (I lied). I made a couple trips back and forth to Mooney and climbed on some rocks and soaked my toe.
I went back to camp and had some visitors to keep me company, and I didn't even have to feed them. I wanted to hike up to the cave, but just couldn't push off. I then spent some time making a HAZ stick to hike out with. I did do my first Wendy, but my heart just wasn't in it. My toe was now a vibrant mix of red and purple.

Sunday 2am, our journey back begins. I had no idea how it would go and I was a little anxious. Denny's first night hike and my toe. We didn't take many pics because poor Denny fell and broke his camera the day before. I felt/feel really bad for him. With 1 ½ miles to go he made a boo boo face. I felt bad taking pics but it was a b-e-a-u tiful morning. Denny then tried hitch hiking a ride from a horse but I guess they don't like turtles. We got a guy to take a TH pic at 7am exactly 5 hours after our start time. I then had Denny take a real pic of me and my pack and HAZ stick.

We brunched in Flag and I was home in time to watch some football. I actually saw the Speedometer read 80 at times. Thanks for a great trip Dave and Denny. Thanks to Denny for setting this up and driving and putting up with me. Finally THE END.
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