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Marsh Valley Loop - Modified, AZ
mini location map2010-03-13
23 by photographer avatarcindyl
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Marsh Valley Loop - Modified, AZ 
Marsh Valley Loop - Modified, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 13 2010
Hiking16.00 Miles 2,200 AEG
Hiking16.00 Miles   9 Hrs   45 Mns   1.64 mph
2,200 ft AEG
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1st trip
we did a modified version of the marsh valley loop hike - just about 16 miles and about 2200 feet of elevation gain (plus or minues 200 feet). we did this as a car shuttle - we had five of us, so one car at the first water parking lot and the other car at canyon lake. we began our hike on the boulder canyon trail. then we took off on the calvary trail, cut across to the bull pass trail, and then back to the lost dutchman's trail to the first water trailhead where we had left a vehicle earlier. long day - about 10 hours - and just a little lingering pain after - and worth every minute of it.

the first part of the hike (on boulder canyon trail to la barge creek) had incredible wildflowers (i'd say moderate), then it was light throughout the rest of the hike, but the views were spectacular! we sloshed through the water crossings with our water shoes or sandals that we took along just for this and we switched to hiking boots for the rest of the trail.

several folks on the trail mentioned seeing a rattler, but the snake had left by the time we got to the area of the reported sightings, near the trail junction with second water trail. that entire first section of the boulder canyon trail to the calvary trail junction was done at a fairly slow pace so we could take all the requisite photos! it was beautiful! the calvary trail also had fantastic scenery, with spectacular cliff vistas and some very tall cholla trees. we then realized we were running short on daylight, so instead of doing the lost dutchman trail all the way, we cut some of the length off by cutting off at the bull pass intersection. we were heading out of sunset by this time, so the last stretch on the dutchman trail was done very quickly. we heard some owls and saw some bats and frogs on our way out. we made it back to the car at the first water trailhead and then made our way back to the canyon lake marina for a well-deserved drink, apache junction for some mexican food, then headed back home to tucson.
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wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Moderate
There are just two switchbacks left. And another half-mile to the destination...
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