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Peak 2288 - White Tank Mountains, AZ
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Peak 2288 - White Tank Mountains, AZ 
Peak 2288 - White Tank Mountains, AZ
Hiking Aug 11 2010
Hiking6.10 Miles 985 AEG
Hiking6.10 Miles   3 Hrs   48 Mns   1.61 mph
985 ft AEG
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I see these mountains just about every day. There are two of the same elevation at either end of a ridge. Not entirely sure if they're a part of the White Tanks, but they're incredibly close to the bulk of that range. Checked out Google Earth along with the topo maps on the TrailDEX and figured out a route. After a few defective mornings, a good day introduced itself.

Rode to the "trailhead" since it's only 2.something miles away from home. From there, I followed the main dirt road. Stashed the bike at an out of sight place, and entered a wash to look for the trail heading up. What did I find? The road I was supposed to be/stay on. :doh: On GE, it didn't look like it connected, so I planned to go around it. Went back for the bike and got on the right route. The last part of the road was steep. I pushed the bike up most of it thinking, "Gee, it's sure going to be fun riding down this." Got sick and literally tired of doing so, so I set it aside and continued on foot. When the road topped out, I took a very short side trip to one of the smaller mountains that had a good view of where I came in, and it exposed me to the breeze, which is always good.

Back at the road, it was time for the peak. Another trail, or road, goes about half way up the side of the mountain (this didn't make any sense to me. It just went up and ended midway. It faced out, and there wasn't room to turn around or anything. I guess people are working on their reverse skills?). When the road ended, it was a free-for-all. Off-trail hiking normally intimidates me for whatever reason, but once I was there, the vegetation was widespread which made for an easy time.

Found the benchmark on the eastern peak which was exciting. Lots of rock-hopping on the way to the western peak. There's a pretty decent drop-off along the route I took. There may have been a way that avoided it, but I didn't see it. I decided to turn around once I got to a bit of a "knife edge" section. I feel like it wasn't difficult to do, but for whatever reason, I started heading back (a mixture of distant gun shots, ATV motors, oncoming heat, and annoying bees sent me into a second of, "Maybe it's time to get off of this mountain."). I do wish I would have continued...

It was a little slippery on the way down. Had one slip where I did some sort of 180. :lol: Good thing I stopped myself, otherwise I might have had a cholla face lift. When I got back to the bike, I had to walk it down the hill. Such a wasted effort! The grade was way too much for my novice biking skills. The brakes gave me two speeds: Stopped and too fast, and I wasn't willing to comply with either of those. Fast speeds and loose rock probably wouldn't have ended well.

95 degrees when I finished (10am).
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