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Sawtooth Peak 2614, AZ
mini location map2001-03-15
12 by photographer avatarrwstorm
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Sawtooth Peak 2614, AZ 
Sawtooth Peak 2614, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 15 2001
Hiking2.00 Miles 900 AEG
Hiking2.00 Miles
900 ft AEG
 no routes
1st trip
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SAHC - Group
First of three attempts at this peak. This one was lead by Pete Cowgill. He took us up a steep chute that was choked with catclaw and hackberry. It was easy to follow Pete by the trail of blood he was leaving. Really nasty in there. We finally topped out and from there dropped to a saddle before the final climb along a knife-edged ridge to the top. I stopped at the saddle as it was too scary for me! :scared: I did come back and finally do it several years later. Those who went up said someone had left a pair of underwear on a barrel cactus at the top. :lol: Pete was so mad at being bloodied up that he went back a week later to cut the brush out of the chute. After the hike we stopped at the Red Rock Bar for beer and pool.
Onward into oblivion!
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