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mini location map2011-10-03
2 by photographer avatarMEWhiteman
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Aspen Creek Trail #48Prescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 03 2011
Hiking6.74 Miles 1,329 AEG
Hiking6.74 Miles   2 Hrs   35 Mns   2.61 mph
1,329 ft AEG
1st trip
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Followed trail #48 as far as #260 and then returned to the car. On the way out we followed a new reroute which added .4 miles to the one way distance. On the return we followed the old trail and it was only a short distance to where the reroute started. There didn't seem to be any obvious reason for the reroute other than being a nice wooded area to hike through. We also took a shortcut on the return through the old Sierra Prieta trail parking area. The distance out was 3.8 miles but the return was only 3.0 miles.

The hike itself was nice and shady. We started in a light rain/drizzle but it only lasted 30 minutes or so, and then we had a sunny but cool day for a hike. There were some nice views and much of the trail was wooded.
Alligator Juniper
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