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Martinez Canyon via Box Canyon, AZ
mini location map2007-04-13
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Martinez Canyon via Box Canyon, AZ 
Martinez Canyon via Box Canyon, AZ
4x4 Trip avatar Apr 13 2007
4x4 Trip33.96 Miles
4x4 Trip33.96 Miles1 Day   10 Hrs      
   2 Hrs    Break
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Decided to post this trip as it was one of the few 4X4 trips that I went on that I have pictures for. Please forgive the generalizations of this trip, it was awhile back, it was my first trip into that area and I wasn't driving, :? Went with a convoy from a local Jeep Club of approximately 7 vehicles. Met up in Florence at 8:00 A.M. and took the E. Price Road to N. Box Canyon Road, up through Box Canyon, then turned onto E. Martinez Canyon up to the Martinez Cabin Historic Site. Beautiful country and all of the cacti were in full bloom. We did some playing around on the way up, you know the guys have to test out and play on the rocks and hills with their vehicles. :)

Spent about two hours up at Martinez Cabin eating lunch and looking around the Cabin Site. The dogs that the group had with us, got a chance to run around, play and stretch their legs. Once you got up further into Martinez Canyon towards the Cabin, you started getting into the big trees, and the Cabin Site had a lot of nice shade.

After the break, we drove back out the same way, going back out Box Canyon. Pick the narrowest part of Box Canyon that you can think of, and one of the vehicles breaks! :D
The vehicle broke it's front driveshaft. Our convoy is now blocking the entire way in and out of the canyon for the next two hours, while the guys all hauled out the tool boxes, and debated several scenarios about how to rig the vehicle so that it could be limped out. They finally managed to get it rigged somehow, (probably with baling wire and duct tape, lol), and the convoy proceeded out of the canyon making it to the Price Road turnoff an hour after darkness hit. The group, with the exception of our vehicle, decided to camp out and then tow the injured vehicle back into town the next morning. I had to work the next day, so it was not an option for us to stay.

What should have been a nice 5-6 hour outing was considerably longer, but the scenery was awesome and weather was perfect, so all in all, it was a good trip.
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