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Cave Trail #233
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mini location map2011-11-05
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Cave Trail #233Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 05 2011
Hiking6.40 Miles 1,400 AEG
Hiking6.40 Miles   6 Hrs   20 Mns   1.67 mph
1,400 ft AEG   2 Hrs   30 Mns Break14 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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My first hike in the Superstitions and it was more than I could have ever hoped for. Started at the Peralta TH and when I got to Fremont Saddle, I was floored by the view. Peralta was nice in that the elevation gain was steady, but not overwhelming, so I wasn't dying by the time I got to the top. :) But the views at the top totally took my breath away. It was amazing! And little did I know, the easy part of the hike was over, lol! We spent some time fooling around a little at the Saddle. Angela gave us a little scare as we were traversing across the Saddle towards the Overlook. Trish and Linda went one way and I followed Angela a different way, when I heard this sound...Not sure what it was, but I looked in the direction where Angela had just disappeared behind a rock and all I saw were feet and legs in an unnatural position. They were kinda in the air. :o I yelled out to Angela, and she yelled back that she was "fine", but I hurried over and found her still kinda laying on the ground. She had taken a tumble and came down on the rock, but other than a few bruises that probably showed up later, she was ok... : app : I'm really glad that she chose to fall on the Saddle Part of the trail rather than somewhere on the Cave Trail. :stretch: We continued on to the Weaver's Overlook and enjoyed the views and signing the book we found in an old cache box.

We also picked up three hitchhikers on the Saddle that managed to follow us for the rest of the hike! We became the Four Chicks with Three Peeps. It was kinda sad, as one of us Chicks was always missing out. :sl: They fit right in with the landscape of the hike, since they were dressed in Hazoween Costumes and we still had Devil's Slide and Devil's Tub to partake in and they really liked the Cave....

The Route Finding on Cave Trail can be very interesting and I'm glad that I went with someone who has done the trail before, because I'd never figured this one out from the get go, lol! Angela has done this one twice, so she did really well in picking out the trail to follow since there were a few choices in the area. It was very challenging not so much for the elevation gain or loss, but more for the trail finding and footing. Probably not a great trail for those that have serious problems with heights or balance problems. One misstep in the wrong area could be disastrous...Had lunch and a good break at Geronimo's Cave and then headed for the Devil's Slide and Tub. I even got all three "Peeps" to myself in the Tub, the only thing missing was the Bubble Bath! :D In the end, I think they preferred Trish....

Got in a little freehand downhill "climbing" and got to watch the rest of my compadres do some serious butt scooting. :D Bald Man's Head was very interesting....What a fun trail though, the variety of hiking/climbing really kept you on your toes and the views were phenomenal the whole way.

Met up with the Bluff Springs Trail and continued our descent down "Cardiac Hill". Hard on the knees no matter how you do it, but it was good, I think every muscle and nerve in the legs got an extreme workout on this hike. Would do it again in a second....

The weather was awesome the whole hike too. When we got there, the Mountain was enveloped in clouds, but by the time we made the Saddle, there was sun poking out here and there and by the time we hit the Cave, it was out for good with just big puffy clouds overhead. The air was chilly at times and we took layers on and off a couple of times during the hike, but it really was a superb day out on the Range.

Had a really good Mexican Food dinner with Trish at Los Gringos in AJ and then on the way home, I bumped into a Squirrel and partook in a very refreshing beverage surrounded by new HAZ friends....Thanks to everyone for an awesome day and evening!
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