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Transept TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 31 2013
Hiking2.20 Miles 50 AEG
Hiking2.20 Miles
50 ft AEG
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It was a rainy, cloudy day at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We had planned a backpack to Widforss Point and were looking forward to it even though it was our second choice (had wanted to do the short hop, skip, jump and camp at Cape Final but no permits were available). 7 or 8 folks were suppose to do the Old BA to Cottonwood for the nite but due to weather, they did N Kaibab to Cottonwood. We on the other hand, opted to stay close to the Lodge :) ; not such a bad choice.

We wandered over to the Bookstore where I was able to get yet another book on the GC. I love reading about the Canyon when I'm at the Canyon; it so adds to the allure. Next we walked over to the very crowded Lodge and decided to watch the Ranger Talk. I mean, what else can you do when it's raining and very cloudy? The ranger exclaimed that they were experiencing a highly unusual weather pattern for the Canyon this time of year.

After that I think we hung around the Sun Room and walked back and forth from side to side of the Lodge to capture the weather in photos. It really was something to observe. Clouds were rising from the BOTTOM of the canyon... not fog, but clouds :o . It was like the canyon was on fire and the smoke was bellowing up the canyons. Well this kind of back and forth activity made us hungry :lol: so we headed over to the Deli where we enjoyed pizza and yummy elk chili. The chili was expensive but the best meal we had up there (and that includes eating at the Lodge where I did not enjoy cold colorful string beans and dehydrated trout with chewy risotto :( ).

Then it was back to the Lodge as we kept hoping the weather would clear to get in some kind of hiking. Finally we saw a break, grabbed our umbrellas and water and headed up to the Bridle Trail. I walked it during lovely weather last year. Now it was very overcast. There were a few flowers and mushrooms and birds and tree formations to keep us entertained as we headed toward the campground. We hiked through the east side of the campground figuring we would run into the camp spots where the Transept Trail was.

Once on the Transept Trail, we once again enjoyed the view of the Canyon below us. We took a couple side trails I hadn't taken before so that was 8) . Looking over to the SW I said to Ambika it was getting grayer but the proper word was the clouds got darker and darker. We really paid it no mind at first and then pow, it started raining fast. I saw a tree up ahead and headed for that so that I could pull out my umbrella and put on my poncho. I took a few pics of the pounding rain... not sure why I didn't take video as I was under the umbrella.

Anyway, now it was going to be a dash to get back to the Lodge :wlift: . I was in my tennis shoes too. We dodged water puddles that soon became creeks. It seemed the Transept TRAIL was now running. We barely had room to stay out of the water as we criss-crossed our way down the trail. And the rain did NOT let up and continued to pound away. One particular area had a lot of water coming down from a little drainage so now it was a matter of leaping over it and still getting your feet a little wet.

I saw a short-cut up to the cabins where Ambika had a room so we hiked up that to her cabin. And now it was cold too. I ended up using her dryer to dry myself off a little; that felt pretty good. So now what... well back to the Lodge for a beer, and I had my book so I read a little while watching Mother Nature continue to put on a show:
Western Bluebird
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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