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mini location map2016-07-27
15 by photographer avatarDarthStiller
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Transept TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 27 2016
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Continuing on our trip across Northern AZ after our Flagstaff stop, we headed up to the North Rim. after a 2.5 hour drive we checked into the Jacob Lake Inn and got a cabin for our family group (sister-in-law and nephews included), spent most of the night on the porch in the cool night air, and in the morning headed to the North Rim. Right after we entered the park, a herd of bison were grazing in the meadow. We had stopped in the Kaibab visitor center next to Jacob Lake and the employees there said that it was bison hunting season and the bison knew exactly where the imaginary line was there the hunters couldn't shoot them and headed right to GCNP. They were dead on correct.

We got started about midday and started along the Bridle Path towards the Bright Angel Point Trail. From there we did the tourist death march out to Bright Angel Point and then northbound towards the Transcept Trail. along that portion, we did the stops at the overlooks to the obligatory pics of the scenery and kept on. Not far along the Transcept Trail, we encountered some orange tape that "suggested" that the trail was closed. But there was not official sign or notice anywhere declaring this. this was also next to a small wooden bridge across a narrow drainage. I immediately ignored the tape and coaxed my extended family to follow me across the drainage. they were very reluctant at first, but once Dmitri made it across easily, everyone else followed. we encountered about four more taped off sections, which were there for flash flood washout sections, which didn't look so bad. just after the last taped off area, we encountered another family coming the other way, which seemed to calm my wife down.

After the first big switchback on the Transcept Trail behind the cabins, we had lunch at the bench under the pines overlooking the open end of the Transcept. since this was just short of the junction with the short trail that connects to the Bridle Path, I suggested I move along with my planned hike to loop the Transcept and Bridle Path Trails and meet up at the visitor center.

Once I got the ok on that, I headed onward on my planned loop. Once the Transcept Trail heads a bit past the nature trail junction, it heads into the pines and junctions with the Bridle Path. I hiked the Bridle Path section to the Kaibab Trail and then back to our parking area, completing the nature trail midsection out and back that my family did without me.

The area had the typical tourist hordes, but since it was the peak time of year, we rolled with it as we were in the Griswold mode, and expected as much. it was still better than the South rim from everything I've read recently.
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