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Highline Trail Hatchery to Horton Spring, AZ
mini location map2012-10-07
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Highline Trail Hatchery to Horton Spring, AZ 
Highline Trail Hatchery to Horton Spring, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 07 2012
Hiking6.63 Miles 1,457 AEG
Hiking6.63 Miles   2 Hrs   30 Mns   2.86 mph
1,457 ft AEG      11 Mns Break
1st trip
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After a full day of fishing on Saturday, I was ready to get back on the trail today and decided to add another little piece of the Highline Trail to my covered map. I considered doing a loop here with one direction on top of the Rim and the other on the Highline, but when I got to the Hatchery Trailhead this morning I looked up at the Rim and decided it was going to be an out and back.

The Horton Creek trailhead lot was filling up fast when I drove past but there were just two cars at the Hatchery Trailhead. I went up to visit the Hatchery before gearing up and heading off. I made good time as I went, pausing just a couple times for photos and reached Horton Spring to find just a handful of people there.

I took a quick break and a few pictures then headed back the way I came. Apart from the people hanging out at the spring, I passed only one pair of hikers the entire out and back on the Highline. I was surprised to see that this route actually has a bit more AEG than the Horton Springs trail, and that was a good trade off for a nearly empty trail.
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Good flow at the Highline Trail Crossing
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