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Carr Peak/Miller Peak Combo, AZ
mini location map2012-09-29
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Carr Peak/Miller Peak Combo, AZ 
Carr Peak/Miller Peak Combo, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 29 2012
Hiking12.20 Miles 3,374 AEG
Hiking12.20 Miles
3,374 ft AEG
1st trip
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I was excited when TeamBarstool sent an invite to celebrate his 50th birthday at Ramsey Vista Campground, since I'd never been in the Huachucas before, and after a look at the map thought Miller Peak might be a good day hike destination from there since I always enjoy visiting Lookout Towers and sites. When cindyl suggested we do Carr Peak together, I was hesitant to suggest the further destination since we'd never hiked together and I didn't know if it would be in her range. After our adventurous trip to Josephine Peak (slightly less distance but with almost two miles off trail) though, I knew we'd be fine here so we agreed to do both Carr and Miller Peaks.

After a bit of a to do in the morning when some Border Patrol agents came up through camp, parked at the trailhead, and somehow set off their car alarms while using the restroom we set off up the trail. The lower rocky section of of the trail kept us from setting too quick a pace on the first uphill, and then we hit the flowers. I don't know if I've ever seen so many flowers hiking here in Arizona unless it was during the 2008 poppy season. It seemed like we were waist deep in yellow flowers all day long.

As we circled our way around Carr, Miller came in to view with an odd little cloud hugging its west side away from the sun. I would normally prefer to take care of a secondary goal like Carr on the way back, but it was just a short little jaunt up to the top and back so we hit it on the way out and took a little break there with some great views before moving on.

The trails diverge a bit from their mapped routes in the vicinity of the junctions between Carr/Crest and Crest/Miller Canyon, but everything is signed and while the route there at first didn't seem to make sense we just followed the signs and went along on our way.

About 2/3 of the way between the Carr/Crest Junction and the Miller Peak spur, we found out what Border Patrol was up to when we met one of the agents we had seen in camp heading out with an armful pot plants. I wouldn't have thought it made much sense to grow at +/-8800', but there they were.

We took a short break at the Miller Spur junction and chatted briefly with another hiker coming down who had come up from Montezuma Pass, then made our way up to the summit, passing a group of four coming down. On the summit we had a nice break resting up for the trip back, taking some pictures and eating a snack before heading back the way we came.

Recent media reports and scat near the campground had us prepared for a bear encounter and along the way we passed through a wild berry patch that they had pretty much demolished, leaving just a couple berries each for us to taste. As we approached Bathtub Spring on the way out, Cindy stopped suddenly and we had our bear sighting, a small black bear already running from us when she saw him. It was her first bear sighting and my first in Arizona, very cool. From there we made it out in good time, getting back to camp to find birthday festivities in full swing.

I was expecting to see a lot more effect from last year's Monument Fire than we actually did, and even in the areas which burned it was hit and miss as to what burned and what didn't. And with all the flowers out I hardly even noticed. What an amazing introduction to the Huachuas!

Thanks to cindyl for the company, a great day it was indeed.
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