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Mount Ord from Slate Creek TH
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mini location map2012-11-17
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Mount Ord from Slate Creek THPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking15.50 Miles 4,108 AEG
Hiking15.50 Miles   9 Hrs   15 Mns   2.14 mph
4,108 ft AEG   2 Hrs    Break17 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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JJ needed some more Shuttle help, so I was looking for a Hike. At first, I was looking for a light one, but my Sunday Hike wasn't going to happen, so I set my eyes on a big one. Apparently, I didn't learn anything from my Battleship experience last winter, because I decided on Mt. Ord from the bottom, after doing 10 miles the day before.... [-X : rambo : ](*,) It may be just a Road, but it's still 7 1/2 miles of Uphill and then you have to come down too... :sweat: I was still tired from the day before and that translated into me being one hurtin' puppy by the time I got back to the Jeep.... :o :sweat: Now I see why some people use this to train for the GC.... :D This is the third longest Hike I've ever done, and the second highest amount of AEG...If I hadn't done the Hike I did the day before, I think I could have done this better, but I'll take it!!! :DANCE:

Started out at Slate Creek after dropping off JJ at Barnhardt. It was pretty cool and cloudy still at 7:30. Warmed up right away though as I started the climb up. Beautiful Views the whole way up, the Clouds were really neat today. The Sun never broke completely through the Cloud Bank until about 3:00 though. It was just a White, blurry Orb in the Sky for most of my Hike...

The old Road was pretty nice, I was fearful that it would be really rocky, but it was just the opposite, with just a few short stretches of rocky parts. It was really nice walking most of the way, and of course, when you hit the new Road, well, it's a Super Highway.... :D But it is still Uphill, and the theme of the morning turned into "100 more feet up to the next curve" and "only 3 more Mormon Trails left".... :sweat: For the first time, I actually would have liked to have had some earphones and Music, just to get my mind off of the constant Uphill and the Fatigue. But the Views were amAZing going up, so that helped quite a bit. Took a couple of long breaks on the way up, just to get off the tight legs and let them recharge.

Got up to the Gate and started running into people. A few camped at the Gate and two different Boy Scout Troops from the Gate, up to the Peak. One of the Troops was at the Peak still, but left before I finished my Lunch Break, so I had the Peak to myself for a little bit... :) Thoroughly explored the Peak, couldn't find a Summit Register anywhere, and only one Benchmark, which wasn't the Main one.... :( Had a little Lunch, and took a bunch of pics although my Camera hated the Lighting. It was still very Overcast up there and Windy. It was actually downright Cold, so I zipped on my legs. Shorts just weren't cutting it anymore... :sweat: Let the legs recharge a bit, waved to Bob and JJ, and then took off back down to the Jeep...About 1/4 of the way down, the Sun finally made it's full appearance and it felt great!!! :D And it lit up the distant Peaks with a mixture of Sun and Shadow from all of the Clouds, making for even cooler Views on the way down. Took one Break on the way down, as now, the legs, knees, and pretty much everything else below the waist, was really starting to rebel... :sweat: By time I got to the Jeep, I was waaaayyyy done!!!

Had arranged to meet JJ at the 201/25 Junction at 5:00. I got to the Jeep at 4:45 and basically collapsed for a few minutes, taking some Ibuprofen with some Gatorade, putting on warmer clothes and just trying to get my legs to quit hurting so I could drive....I laid on the Road and just rested...I wasn't in very good shape.... :sweat: But, nothing was broke, sprained, or going into spasms, so I somehow got back to my feet and hauled pumpkin over to JJ and met him coming down the 201...I fell out of the Jeep and let him drive at that point... :sl:

Apparently, according to JJ, there was another HAZer's vehicle just down the Road, so we went over to say hello...No one was home, so we had just a touch of fun. Would have had more, but I usually don't keep supplies for that sort of thing in my Car Hiking bag.... :D I can honestly say that I have not TP'ed anything since Grade School. It's amAZing how much fun you can have, hanging out with 40 somethings.... :o :sl:

And to top it off, there was a gorgeous Sunset at the end of this day, as well... :) It was a good Hike!!! Glad I did it...And ya, it is much easier to say that the next day.... :sl: I feel like I really accomplished something today, (in more ways than one....) :D John, thanks for your encouragement on this one, it certainly helped!!! : app :

JJ, it's been a pleasure providing Shuttles for you on your AZT Journeys, I've done a lot of great Hikes that otherwise maybe wouldn't have been done this year, if ever...Thanks for the Ride.... :) Looking forward to driving you around while you do the GET!!! :DANCE:

It has been an Epic year, and it's not even done yet...Joe, thanks for putting up and maintaining such an awesome Site. For an amateur like me, it has been a huge blessing!!! Big Thanks to the HAZ Members as well, for providing information, support, encouragement, and incredible comraderie on some of these Hikes....The laughter has been incredible...I have a lot to be Thankful for this year and many of you have made that possible. The Hike today was a good Reflection on the type of year I've had and I'm grateful for all of the good that Hiking and HAZ has brought.... :) :thanx:
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