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Dana's Arch
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mini location map2013-01-01
15 by photographer avataroutdoor_lover
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Dana's ArchSouthwest, AZ
Southwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 01 2013
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After a fun New Year's Day celebration on Vulture's Peak and a cool Tailgate party that followed, everyone split up and went their own ways. I knew I wouldn't have the energy or the time to follow Bob and his Crew around, but I decided that I still had time to hunt for what is now a fairly elusive Arch... :) It was a nice, unsuccessful Hike... :sweat:

I made two mistakes. First, I should have used my odometer when I turned off the Highway. I didn't, and I probably was not parked at the "unmarked TH" although I'm fairly certain that I was in the right area...There are a ton of little "spur" roads out there past the main RV Camping Sites, so I'm not sure I even turned left down the correct road...I did stop and park where the Road leaves a large Wash and becomes a little dicey, although it appears that past that particular dicey area, the road gets pretty good again.

I hiked up and over a small ridge from where I parked and met up with the road again. I followed it for a bit and then saw a small road go to the left down into and then out of a small wash where it proceeded to end at an outcropping of fairly large boulders. This looked like a nice, and apparently popular Camping area. Some of the Campers seemed to feel the need to tag the boulders though, so it kinda ruined it for me... :? However, on the other side of the boulders, there's a Trail and a very defined one at that... :) I followed the Trail as it was definitely leading in the direction that I wanted to go and seemed to "fit" the Description. It took me around the SW side of a small hill and a Spur went up the hill to a Saddle...Ok, this seems right...Walked all over that hill and didn't see an Arch. Back to the Saddle and climbed the larger hill, which was more like a long flat ridge. I followed the "ridge" all the way, heading NW, looking at both edges...No Arch...Second mistake, should've printed out a picture in Joel's Photoset to match things up with...Oh well, it was getting later than I wanted, so I bushwacked down the West side of the ridge and started making my way back, taking care to keep looking up in case I missed it...Nope, not there.

Ran into an Archery Deer Hunter on the way back. Only person I saw back there. I have always enjoyed the Wickenburg area and now I remember why. It really is a pretty desert area. I thoroughly enjoyed the Hike just for that reason, if for no other... :) Pretty much made my way back the way I came and drove out. Will have to attempt to find the Arch again, another day, when I'm in the area... :)

The Drive back to Cave Creek was outstanding. First thing I noticed, although I didn't stop, was all of the Foliage along the Hassayampa River appeared to be in almost Peak Foliage Colors for Autumn. Lots of brilliant Yellows driving along there... :) Second thing I noticed was Meteorlogical. I guess I need a Bumper Sticker that says "I Brake for Sun Dogs".... :D That was "drive home Photo Op #1"... :lol: Third, I'm almost back to I-17 and apparently there was a serious Hot Air Balloon Convention going on...I quit counting after 11...Usually you'll see 2 or 3 in this area, but not today...I had to stop. The combination of Clouds, Sun and Balloons was too hard to resist...Cool ending to a cool day in the Great Outdoors... :y:
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