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Robbers Roost - Superstitions
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mini location map2012-12-23
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Robbers Roost - SuperstitionsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 23 2012
Hiking6.00 Miles 2,400 AEG
Hiking6.00 Miles   7 Hrs   15 Mns   1.26 mph
2,400 ft AEG   2 Hrs   30 Mns Break12 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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Well... :sl: The World did not end on Friday, so apparently HAZers, both local and non local, decided to invade the Supes in force!!! :sweat: It was kinda like watching a bunch of kids run amok... :sl: Activities included Practical Jokes, Breaking into Cars, attempted Theft, Surfing, Chasing Squirrels, Running up Hilltops, watching Bird Sex, and playing in the Water, among others.... :D

Throughout the day, I met up with 7 other HAZers. Some planned, some unplanned. Some of them I have met before, others, I got the privilege of meeting for the 1st time. Our party, Van, John, Mike, Liz and myself had all planned to rendevous somewhere up on the top of West Boulder Saddle...Well, 3 of us did, and we finally caught up with the other two when it was all over at the Peralta TH.... :lol: But I get ahead of myself already....

Finally got to meet the infamous Snakemarks right off the bat. She took pity on us right away and gave Van and I a lift to Carney so we could start our Hike there...Between the bullpumpkining and me being unorganized and out of sorts, it took us an hour from the time we got to Peralta to get started up Carney... :sweat: I gave Kat the code to the car and she threw my jacket back in the car, since it was already warm by the time we got started. Thanks Kat, I knew you wouldn't have any trouble getting in!!! :D And thanks for the ride!! : app :

We start up Carney. Along the way, we spent about a 1/2 hour trying to zero in on the exact location of Carney Spring, but were unsuccessful. We were definitely in the area, but just unable to pinpoint it. I guess "close" really does only apply, to hand grenades and horseshoes... :lol:

From there, we continue up and just before the "false saddle", John shows up. He tells us his plan to hit the Peak across the ravine to the East and then be back up to West Boulder Saddle in time to meet up with us and Mike and Liz. So, he lights up the LP Afterburners and is gone... :lol: We reach the false saddle in time to see him traversing his way across the Drainage before popping out the other side and continuing on...He's already at least 1/4 mile or more away from us. We take a break at the false saddle and then Van has the wonderful privilege of continuing to practice extreme patience as I gasp my way up to the main Saddle... :o Between the steepness of the Trail and still nursing a sore back, I was slower than even my normal Snail Pace... :oops:

At West Boulder Saddle, we take another break and watch the Show commence... :sl: First, we manage to spot John, already on his way back down from the Peak and making his way over to us at the Saddle. Then we spot Beauty and the Beast pop up at the false saddle. After a few minutes, John is still making his way over to us and B&B start moving again from the saddle...Only thing wrong, is that B&B are going the wrong way... :whistle: From the false saddle, they have hung a sharp left and are going straight up...I didn't see a Squirrel, but I guess there was one and Mike decided to chase it... :lol:

Van and I decide that if B&B are going that way and are going to top out at the Hoodoos and circle back around to the Saddle, it's going to be at least another 45 minutes before they get there...The decision was made to go ahead and leave the Saddle and go attempt to Rob a Roost...We start out and in a bit, jump off the Dacite Trail and head up towards the Roost. We didn't get very far and here comes John. He catches up and we explain what happened. Apparently John saw B&B before the false saddle, but didn't see them launch the Squirrel Hunt... :lol: John decides to join us in the attempted Heist at the Roost, so we proceed up there. What a cool area that is!!! John and Van have both been there before, but this was my first... :) John showed us the hard way to go in on the West side and we played around in the Roost for a little bit, then John showed us the easy way out from the Northeast side. After exiting, John decides to try to meet up with B&B and lights the Afterburners up again. I'm still trying to decide whether I had a cigarette lit at that time, or the smoke was coming off of John's shoes... :lol:

After a small lunch Break, enjoying the Views, Van and I proceed just below the West Ridgeline of Peralta following a fairly decent Human Trail...Along the way, we were slightly annoyed by two dudes on the Cave Trail that were whooping and hollering and making all kinds of racket, but what do you expect? It is a Sunday after all... :sk: We reach Angela's Playground just above Fremont Saddle and I show Van the Gunsight Formation. He decides to climb it, but I warn him about what's on the other side of the middle Rock...Which is nothing, it's a sheer drop... :o Van gets up to the edge and looks over and decides against staying upright like I did when I was there with Angela... :sl: After messing around a bit more and taking pictures, it was time to head down. It was decided, based on how I was feeling, to bail on Peralta instead of taking the Cave Trail down.

We get to the Saddle and the two guys creating all of the ruckus on the Cave Trail were standing there. I ignored them and became focused on two large Crows that I could see through a Gap in the Rocks, back in the direction of Angela's Playground. One of them looked like it had some odd coloring, so I was zooming in and trying to get some pictures. The Birds also looked like they were preening each other. Someone behind me said something about Bird Sex going on, and I thought it was one of the two dudes, so I elected to ignore it. Then the dude said something else about the Birds having fun and I turned around to find the two guys gone and a Turbo Camel, a Yeti and a Pirate all standing there!!! :sl: JJ, Preston and Jake had all snuck in while I was peeping at the Birds! Apparently they had been playing in the Water in one of the nearby Canyons... :) We shot the pumpkin for a few minutes after some introductions, and then they had to get moving and get down. Van and I followed and made pretty good time getting down.

Got back to the Car and about 20 minutes later, finally spotted B&B coming down Bluff Springs Trail. Got to visit with them for a bit and then lo and behold, John shows up. It took us all day, but we all finally met up... :sl: After visiting for a bit, Van and I gave John a ride back to his vehicle at Lost Goldmine where I finally discovered that the Forest Service had put a Parking Warning on the Escape...Hmmm... :sl:

Van, thanks for an awesome day! John, nice to see you again and it was fun Hiking with you, even if it was just for a little bit. :) Mike and JJ, good to see you both again!!! Kat, Liz, Preston, and Jake, it was great to finally meet you all!!! 8)

What a Fun Day!!! : app : : app : : app :
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Dacite Tide
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