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Grandview Trail
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Grandview TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 30 2012
Hiking4.00 Miles 3,500 AEG
Hiking4.00 Miles
3,500 ft AEG3 Days       Break
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1st trip
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After a long day of work the three of us set out Thursday night for Flagstaff. Arriving late at Squatpuke's cave :thanx: we chatted for some time and hit the sack.

The morning came early and we sad goodbye to a sad Squatpuke. :cry: We arrived at The Grandview trailhead and jumped out of the jeep. We quickly scrambled for our hats, gloves, "puffy jackets" and layers. :scared: After a few last minutes rearranging gear we headed off. Two minutes into our hike we stumble across a MD coffee mug sitting in the middle of the trail. :x Some words were expressed between us (along the lines of who the :pk: would leave that there and they can't even afford the good stuff) and we carried on. Thirty seconds down trail we find the owner of the cup (who also had a unfriendly dog [-X ). We jokingly asked if he heard our conversation and he of course did. :guilty: After feeling like a bunch of real :pk: , we carried on.

We passed a group of day hikers within the first twenty minutes, and these would be the last people we could see till we hit the SK trail. We meandered down the trail, chatting like a bunch of teen girls. :GB: After descending for some time we passed through the Cottonwood camp area. The are was lush with available trees to hang, plenty of tent spaces, gentle streams and lots of colors. It was tempting to stop here and enjoy the campsite, but it wasn't far enough for us.

After some sketchy passes along 1000 foot drops we arrived at our campsite for the night. There were three solid tent spots, a tree to hang stuff from and a few more spots down stream. The water was flowing decently here and provided an ideal mood for the campsite. :worthy: Although the trees were limited, with a little creativity it would be possible to find a spot to hang (possibly hanging from a tree and somewhere off the rock walls). The campsite was free of ravens, mice and we only had to deal with nats for a few hours. Chumley and I cruised upstream to locate the source for the stream. We were unsuccesful, but did find the ram skull and plenty of photo ops along the way. :y: The dark came quick that evening, but did provide a great canvas to practice some light trail photos. While attempting to get a camp night shot I stumbled across a small group of deer in the darkness. :scared: After realizing they were deer I relaxed and continued on. They would be the only wildlife we would see in this campsite, at least until the ravens arrived in the morning.

The next day took us farther down the Tonto trail. The conversation dwindled as we enjoyed the views. Shortly after beginning our hike we stumbled upon the group of deer from the evening. After a few miles of winding out of this particular canyon we hit the Tonto super highway and kicked it in full throttle. :PMIC: Before we knew it we stumbled into our second campsite at Lone Tree. We were concerned with the dry creek bed that passed through camp. The campsite was ideal, with the exception of the water. There were multiple tent spots and with more creative hanging it would be possible to hang from rock and a tree. (bring extra rope). Shortly after arriving Chumley headed upstream to find water and John9L headed :sl: . Both came back with water reports. There was a spring 20 minutes up and 15 minutes down. The one above involved some bush wacking : rambo : . Both were decent but if you needed to pump the one downstream was ideal.

The next morning (or afternoon for Chumley :zzz: ) we hit the Tonto highway again and really hammered down. Holding a solid speed for some time we spread out across the trail. The deer were out grazing and we startled a few. With time the SK trail came into view and my pace picked up. : rambo : After a few steep crossings we hit the SK trail. Halfway up I stopped to chat with Squatpuke just long enough, and before my heart rate could drop I pushed on for the top. The top was in site and I blazed past a few more day hikers and tossed my pack off. :wlift:

Overall the trip was a blast. The trail was interesting, but parts of the Tonto were boring. The hike is ideal for tent, bivy, or tarp hikers. It can be done hanging, but have a back up plan, especially if there are multiple hangers.

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