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Rover Peak
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mini location map2013-02-12
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Rover PeakPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 12 2013
Hiking2.33 Miles 968 AEG
Hiking2.33 Miles   4 Hrs   2 Mns   1.94 mph
968 ft AEG   2 Hrs   50 Mns Break18 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Rover is the name of a TOPO map Quad (Rover Pk actually), a mine (Red Rover Mine), a mountain peak and also a National Geodetic Survey (NGS) benchmark. I decided to drive to Red Rover Mine, use a Rover Pk TOPO map, hike up Rover Peak, and find ROVER Triangulation Benchmark.

All these Rovers are located north of Carefree and to the east of Seven Springs Road. The one lane track road to the mine, off Seven Springs Rd was surprisingly good, as the mine owners (or someone) still drives up there. After the recent rains (and snow, up there), the one-lane dirt road had already been graded and smoothed out. Excellent. I parked just prior to the mine's locked gate.

The Red Rover Mine started with an 1883 claim, and has changed ownership many times. It was very productive in its day. Gold, silver, and copper were pulled out of the mine, and supposedly at one time it was so active, there was a little town there. It's tough getting any more legitimate info on the mine, but I'm sure the mine predates all other things named Rover.

The bushwhack up to Rover Pk was uneventful. Alot of prickly pear, but no saguaros, as the hike starts off at 4,300 Ft and goes up. Rover Peak actually has 4 or five high points and the Rover benchmark is not on the highest point. Surveyors placed the triangulation disk in 1924, while the nearby mine was very active. Surveyors came back in 1946 and placed two reference marks and an Azimuth mark, the latter down the mountain close to the mine. I easily found all four disks.

ROVER Triangulation Benchmark is right on the border of Maricopa and Yavapai counties. Thirty feet from Rover benchmark I found the "remains" of Maricopa/Yavapa County Boundary Monument #26. The border monument, (also installed in 1924), is in many pieces now.

The border monument "was" a two foot high concrete frustum (yep .... frustum), with a one inch pipe in it's center for securing to the ground. These frustums are 3 sided pyramids that contain plaques - one on each of the three sides, designating Maricopa on one, Yavapai on another, with the third displaying the course and distance to the next frustum to the east and to the west.
The three plaques are gone, probably taken by vandals. :( :(

Fires in the area in 2004 and in 2005 played havoc with the vegetation, but it appears plant-life is coming back nicely. Views of Horseshoe Reservoir and Humboldt Pk (where the white FAA radar "ball" lives) are excellent. You're at eye-level with Humboldt Pk.

On the bushwhack down, I lost my balance on a rock that decided to give way from the wet soil below it, and I wiped out a prickly pear. In turn, the prickly pear wiped out my hand and arm.
A half hour later, when I was finally done with my tweezers (ouch), I continued my hike out.
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