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Cheops Plateau & Pyramid Dayhike, AZ
mini location map2013-04-03
22 by photographer avatarJuanJaimeiii
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Cheops Plateau & Pyramid Dayhike, AZ 
Cheops Plateau & Pyramid Dayhike, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 03 2013
Hiking23.10 Miles 9,300 AEG
Hiking23.10 Miles   14 Hrs      1.78 mph
9,300 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
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Joe and I met at the Park and Ride at 2:30am sharp. I had an hour of sleep and I knew Joe didn't get much more. We loaded up and headed off to the Grand Canyon. Arriving 3 hours later Joe realizes he forgot to bring his shoes. :o Out with Joe Bartels and in with Teva Joe it would have to be for this incredible day hike that we were about to embark upon.

2 hours later we hit the Colorado and encountered our first obstacle. The mule train is stopped and we off trail it around them. Then past Bright Angle Camp, up the incredibly steep trail into Piano Alley, and across the beautiful Utah Flats we go. Cheops it getting closer and closer. I had a plan to do both (the pyramid and the plateau) today however the mission was to summit just the Pyramid. We come to the turning point and Joe says which way to you want to go. I think to myself that we need to do the Plateau first. If we did the Pyramid first it may be hard to convince Joe to go do the Plateau afterwards. So I suggest continuing on to the Plateau. He puts up no fight and on we go. Getting up to the base of the wall is one steep trip. Then we hit the north west corner where we would make our final ascent.

Joe wants to go first so I stay back and watch as he methodically climbs up. This time he has it!!! Once past the sketchy spot I scramble around him to get a picture of him coming up the final part. The theme from Rocky is playing in my head and here comes Joe. Sandals and all! :y: Way to go Joe!

From that point we would go sign in and take a moment to take in the incredible views. The Colorado is visible coming in from the east and you can see it snake its way through the Canyon to the west. Isis stands tall in the background like a God watching over you. The Pyramid lurks over the southern end of the plateau. We walk over and get a good look at it and the impossible bridge that connects the two. The Pyramid would be our next mission.

When we went down we started to take the western flank around Cheops. This would be the shortest route to the Pyramid from the north west corner. We came across a spot to get down below the wall but the rocks above were loose and if they slid it could be problematic. There are other ways to skin this cat but time wasn't on our side. With that in mind we went with the longer route that seemed a sure thing. It worked out fine but it is an arduous trip. The slope that we contoured is steep and had plenty of obstacles.

In due time we were at the base of the Pyramid. It looked different up close as do many things in life. This was it the final large task of the day. (oh wait we still have to hike up the South Kaibab :o ). Up we went following the occasional cairns. The top of the Pyramid is a true pointed summit. I had been told that there was no register so I brought a cool Wrigley’s can that was given to me for this purpose. We looked back at the Plateau and all around us before signing the new register and heading out. It's spectacular up there and if ever in the area I would highly recommend it. :D

Down we went and back the way we came. Joe was out of water. I didn't have much so Phantom Ranch would have to be our resupply station. When we got there Joe filled his clear Gatorade bottle with the water. It was brown like the river. Oh screw it! We filled our packs and headed for the dreaded south Kaibab. It had been a long and rewarding day and our batteries were running low. The chug started and up we went. The final mile really put the hurts on me.

It felt great to have done this but I am not going to lie. It put me to the test and it almost won. Shortly later Teva Joe shows up and off to Phoenix we go. We made it to his car before midnight and went our separate ways. It was the end to a day I won't soon forget!
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