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Montezuma Sleeping, AZ
mini location map2013-03-21
35 by photographer avatarJuanJaimeiii
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Montezuma Sleeping, AZ 
Montezuma Sleeping, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 21 2013
Hiking12.14 Miles 5,575 AEG
Hiking12.14 Miles   10 Hrs   7 Mns   1.41 mph
5,575 ft AEG   1 Hour   30 Mns Break
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1st trip
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John had been talking about doing this hike for a little while. He took Thursday off work and hit me up. Luckily I was able to juggle around another prior commitment and things worked out great.

We started up the Quartz Peak Trail and the overcast was nice but it was humid. We were working up a sweat from the get-go. Once up top the breeze really cooled things off and after a short visit at Quartz we were on our way. This ridge is rocky and resembles a spine in many places. It's not hard to navigate but it is a slow go all the way. We were having a good time making our way across and I was eyeing South Mountain. Quartz peak to Pyramid trail hike sounds like a fun one.

Anyway along the way we saw some debris at a saddle. Further investigation led to the finding of an airplane wing and then the other. We didn't see the fuselage but later I would Google this: Fascinating!

Montezuma Sleeping was great and we stayed there for quite some time. Should we make a go for Estrella/Hays Peak or turn back and return the way we came? It was a really tough decision and in hind sight we probably should have turned back. I only say that because I had a couple injuries going down a canyon that was a little more than a mile and a half beyond Montezuma Sleeping. There just wasn't enough water and daylight to safely reach Estrella Peak and drop down from there. With that being the case we bailed out about a mile before reaching the summit. The way down was steep and full of loose rocks. A large boulder (probably of the 50lb variety) rolled over and on top of my right foot. It felt like it crushed it and the pain was immense. I had to stop and catch my breath. Then a little later the same thing happened again. Seriously what are the odds? I was in so much pain I was almost in tears. I eventually regrouped and we continued on.

John found a pottery shard the size of his hand and I found some petroglyphs. Then we reached the desert floor and started heading back towards the jeep. This was no easy journey either. Man there were Chollas everywhere. It was like walking through a mine field. We also went up and over three ridges rather than skirting them. Finally we reached the jeep. I was thrilled to get off my feet and head for home.

I took a bunch of pictures along the way. Take a moment to share in our journey. It was a great one!
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