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Rim TR 139 to Coon Creek Cny Overlooks
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mini location map2013-05-18
12 by photographer avatarOregon_Hiker
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Rim TR 139 to Coon Creek Cny OverlooksGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar May 18 2013
Hiking5.60 Miles 1,393 AEG
Hiking5.60 Miles
1,393 ft AEG
1st trip
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Grasshopper and I had been planning this hike ever since we failed in an attempt to hike up a deep side canyon on the north side of upper Coon Creek Canyon - Too difficult and dangerous for us. This side canyon looked like a good prospect for hidden Indian cliff dwellings. I did some trip planning by plotting gps planning tracks on Google Earth. Preferring loop hikes to out-and-back I also plotted a track for the return hike straight up the hill side to FR487 picking a path through a small clearing in the brush near the crest of the hill.

It was a quick and easy hike from the Carr TH down TR160 to the intersection with the Rim Trail and then along the rim to our destination. The trail was in good shape having been extensively repaired since the Apr 2000 Coon Creek Fire. The off-trail segments of the hike along the rim of the side canyon revealed high cliffs down in the canyon with many alcoves and small caves that seemed like good locations for cliff dwellings. Unfortunately we saw no clear evidence of the ancient dwellings. Perhaps the crumbly rock of the cliffs made it too dangerous to live below them or maybe there wasn't a convenient nearby water source. Our search did not cover all possible areas in this canyon due to time constraints so perhaps we missed something - a good reason to return. The canyon views and the large window or arch, not sure of the correct designation, made the hike worth while even if we didn't find any ruins.

The return hike off-trail to the north straight up the hillside started out relatively easy through an open forest of tall pines and giant junipers. Somehow we accidentally got off our gps planning track (I was leading), probably because I don't like to hike with my nose stuck in my gps. We missed the small gap in the thicket of New Mexico Locusts near the crest of the hill where the planning track would have led us and ended up in the middle of the thorny obstacle. Rather than loose altitude by back tracking downhill to the point where we left the track, we (I) decided to thrash our way through the thorns to intersect our planning track near the crest of the hill. After about 150 yards the New Mexico Locust opened up into more widely spaced mature tree-like versions of this pest and we were soon back on track. Grasshoppers official gps track for this hike shows the planning track for this return route as well as our actual track. I recommend following the planning track which should minimize contact with the thorns although future brush growth may close off the gap seen on Google Earth.

At the crest of the hill on this return route the forest opens up into a lush grass covered meadow with scattered tall pines. This would have been an interesting area to explore if time had permitted. Early morning or evening dusk would be good times to just go sit by a game trail and look for deer and elk to pass by. There was even a convenient hunter's tree stand with solid metal ladder and a cushioned seat for such a purpose. Following the road back to the Carr TH we saw a good car camping site on the north side of the road near this meadow area.
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Rock Window - Sierra Ancha Wild
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