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Mount Huethawali
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mini location map2013-10-24
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Mount HuethawaliNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 24 2013
Hiking7.10 Miles 3,082 AEG
Hiking7.10 Miles
3,082 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Met up with Hippy for a few days hiking in the Canyon. We decided to head out to the South Bass Trailhead on day one. This would be our first time at the trailhead and both of us were very impressed and can't wait to return!

We left the village and started the ride out FR 328. We were making good time when all of a sudden a low tire pressure sensor goes off. We stopped and I get out to find one of my tires hissing air. I was able to plug it and filled the tire back up with my air compressor. We'll have another tire issue on the return. More to come on that later. We also had to the pay the $25 bucks to the Supai tribe in order to cross their land. No biggie. After the tire issue and chatting with the Supai gatekeeper we finally reached the trailhead and started hiking around 11am. We wanted a much earlier start but it took a while to get here. Lesson learned!

Right away we noticed the view from South Bass Trailhead. It's jaw dropping! Both of us were blown away and were already talking about our return trip and we haven't even stepped foot in the Canyon yet! We finally get going and start making our way down. The upper portion of South Bass is in excellent condition. The trail is relatively smooth and very easy to follow. We checked out the ruins on the hike down and continued down to the Darwin Plateau. Before heading over to Mount Huethawali we took a quick detour over to a view point over Bass Canyon. Needless to say the view is spectacular!

After the viewpoint we started the off trail hike toward Huethawali. I had Chumley's GPS track and had a good idea on where we needed to go. We made slow and steady progress as we tried to avoid the Cryptobiotic soil. It's everywhere and is a pain to avoid. It lessons out as you start ascending elevation. We continued up the south end but didn't see any cairns at first. We continued following the GPS track and eventually found some. From there the route is cairned all the way to the summit. We reached the summit and found Chumley's summit register he placed back in April. There has been only one entry since he placed it and it was less than two weeks ago. We spent a good hour up top taking pics and eating lunch and enjoying the views! It's spectacular up there!

From there we started the scramble back down. We cruised down and then headed toward the Grand Scenic Divide. We started the off trail portion and Hippy found a cool little alcove in the upper layer of the Supai. It looks like people bivy in here. See pics. We continued the hike out and kept an eye on the time. It was getting late in the day and after 45 minutes or so we decided it was best to start our return hike to the rim. From there we cruised back to the South Bass trail and cruised on up to the trailhead.

After we were back at the jeep we started the drive back and stopped at the abandoned ranger station in Pasture Wash. We took a few pics and then continued the ride back. I'm driving the jeep fairly hard when all of a sudden another tire sensor goes off. This time I blew a tire and it had to be changed as night set in. I brought along all my tire repair equipment and had it changed relatively quickly. For anyone going to the SB trailhead, make sure you have a spare and tire repair kit. After that we made our way back to civilization.

The South Bass Trailhead is an absolute stunning trailhead! I can't wait to return again with the intention of going all the way to the river and then hopefully across the Tonto! I highly recommend this area!
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