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New Hance to Grandview, AZ
mini location map2013-11-15
43 by photographer avatarJohn9L
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New Hance to Grandview, AZ 
New Hance to Grandview, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 15 2013
Backpack18.50 Miles 6,200 AEG
Backpack18.50 Miles2 Days         
6,200 ft AEG
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1st trip
I met up with Hippy for a fun backpack in our favorite Canyon. I departed Phoenix right after work on Thursday night and drove up to the Canyon. We left bright and early on Friday and met up with Niko. He offered to shuttle us from Grandview and would hike the first few miles with us. We started hiking a little before 9am.

Right from the start New Hance aggressively descends through the Kaibab, Toroweap and Coconino layers. The going is a little rough but fine. I did this backpack last year and remember it being very hard on the body especially my knees and ankle. This trip would prove to be much easier. We made quick work of the top three layers and then things level off a bit. We cruised on down and took our first break at the top of the Redwall. The views are just stunning into Red Canyon and the North Rim. From there we began the traverse along the Supai. I remember this section being a little rough last year but it was cake this go around. I don’t know if the trail is easier or if I’m just more experienced. Regardless we cruised to the Redwall break.

Once at the Redwall break Niko waved goodbye and started his return to the rim. Thanks again Niko! Hippy and I continued down the break and then proceeded to Red Canyon. We both felt great and started joking about hiking all the way to Hance Creek. We continued on and passed a couple of hikers on their way out. They said there were two groups below and one was camped out by the river. I said to Hippy we’re continuing on if a group is camped at the Mesquite Tree site. She was game! The rest of the hike to the rapid was uneventful. The only things worth mentioning is we blasted by a group of six guys taking a breather and there was some salty water in the bed of Red Canyon.

We arrived at Hance Rapid around 12:30pm and both of us felt great. We saw the group at the Mesquite Tree and decided to continue to Hance Creek after taking a long break and enjoying the rapid. We enjoyed lunch and relaxed at a fantastic spot nestled above the rapid. After getting some cartwheel pics we continued west on the Tonto. As we proceeded some storm clouds moved in and it started to drizzle. We continued hiking and passed through Mineral Canyon and made our way to an overhang along the Tonto. We took another break here and it was perfect timing. The skies opened and a moderate rain fell followed by hail and lightning. We were both fairly protected and hung out here for a good hour as the storm passed. After we felt it was safe we continued and then saw a fantastic double rainbow. I joked about the Double Rainbow Youtube video and we took some silly pics. From there we continued on and reached Hance Creek as dusk set in.

Once at camp we got the tent set up and started making dinner as darkness set in. It was beautiful out as we boiled water and began eating. While eating another storm rapidly moved in and it brought strong wind and rain. We moved everything into the tent but as we did the wind blew my tent down. I had it set up as a Fastpitch and the wind blew my tent poles down. Hippy said to secure the guy lines on my tent. I quickly secured them to some large rocks and that did the trick because the tent was stable after that. We enjoyed our dinner and then turned in for the night.

We woke on our second day and took our time having breakfast and tearing down camp. From there we made the long and slow hike out the Grandview trail. Our bodies were very sore and achy after the big first day. Along the hike out we spoke glowingly of John Hance and Peter Berry for their wonderful trail construction. Hippy especially loves the cobblestone work along the Grandview Trail.

This was a really great trip and New Hance is one of my favorite trails in the Canyon. It was much easier compared to last year. Definitely add this loop to your list when you’re ready to get off the corridor and want a fun challenge. Route finding is very straightforward along this loop.
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