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Mount Huethawali
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mini location map2013-10-24
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Mount HuethawaliNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 24 2013
Hiking7.10 Miles 3,082 AEG
Hiking7.10 Miles
3,082 ft AEG
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So what started as a totally normal day ended up being rather amusing to say the least.
First off, 9L INSISTED that HE Drive out of the park, so of course he got us lost heading out to 328, I had to backseat drive at every turn so he didn't miss it.

Less than 3 miles out of GCNP lines the jeep starts beeping at him, while my nose is buried in my Tomasi book (South Rim Edition of course) I roll my eyes as he slows down, stops and inspects the tires...apparently the shoddy patch job they did at Discount Tire broke free and there was a slow leak. So John pops out this INSANELY HUGE travel safety kit...its what I would consider the "OVER-Prepared for the End of The World" travel duffel...then he proceeds to stab the tire with a huge gauged needle and tells me its fixed... :scared: I'm out here with a mad man!

Needless to say after this little leak I stole the keys and took over the driving, we made great time to the Supai fee station, the Ranger there, Hansen, almost let us go in free thanks to my cute smile...until 9L opened his big mouth and asked which way to South Bass...*sigh*
So we paid the $25, got a receipt and Hansen hopped in his Polaris and sped ahead and basically held our hand until the right turn toward SB.

The road was smooth sailing most of the way (well, for a jeep...John might have been crying) The ruts were deep, the dirt was dusty, it was a fun drive.

There were two vehicles at the trailhead, busy day! I instantly fell in love with the view from the TH, explored the little rock house ruins and had to drag John away from the jeep to FINALLY start hiking, I swear it was noon already!!!

South Bass is EASY, its remote, silent, beautiful, stunning and EASY, we reached the cute granaries in seconds and then the Esplanade in what felt like minutes and were heading up We-The-Wally in just a few more. Perfect day for a trot into the canyon!

I was really looking forward to bagging this summit for a few reasons.
The first really was to beat 9L in the "peak" stats for the year...but then I got a letter in the mail it read something like this:

Your assistance is needed, the sarcasm is fading, please help
The Disciples of Frack"

Obviously there was nothing I could do to help with that so I decided to go hiking, I took 9L with me because I needed someone to pick on all day that could keep up and JoeyB was unavailable, probably knitting or something.

Mount We The Wally seemed perfect...for a murder! Not simple to get to, remote, surrounded by Native Land, deep Canyons and seldom traveled ravines... :-$

Where was I? Oh yea...apparently there's a cairned route up Mount H that a certain group of Disciples couldn't find when they went (not that I should talk I get stuck in the redwall ALL the time! :lol:) ...well, according to all the maps I've studied there's a really neat little saddle further north along S. Bass and if you walk to that then turn left toward Mount H you'll run RIGHT INTO this sweet little foot path that pretty much takes you along the east side and curves around and right up to the cake walk, even though I had to leave 9L behind in order to reach said cairned route, he didn't believe me until he saw me traversing up the side of the mountain with ease...boys...

So, yea...don't bother cutting a ravine, just go to the saddle and turn left :D

Beautiful views on the summit, no cookies! Only one entry on Oct 15th, I wonder why nobody else hikes this one, it's so nice!

Easy walk down, 9L was slow heading up South Bass so I went out to the Great Scenic Divide, got attacked by a tree and decided to head back, I caught up with him at the top of the Coconino but he left me in his dust because he found a baby snake on the trail and of course I wanted to play with it so he got another head start and I had to trail run (again?!) to keep up after that.

We reached the jeep before sunset and he begged me to let him drive...bad idea, before we even got through the Supai gate we were driving at speeds of up to 17MPH!!! that must be the fastest he's ever taken that thing off paved road...I told him to speed up it's a JEEP for goodness he did...and hit a sharp rock and tore the front passenger tire to bits, the jeep spun out of control, I had to reach over and grab the wheel and tell him to stop screaming...sigh, then I had to get out in the cold windy night and change the tire for him...

Poor John9L will never be the same after this traumatizing trip...regardless, Next time I'll drive!
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