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Davenport Wash - 3 Waterfalls - Sears #90 Loop, AZ
mini location map2014-01-11
23 by photographer avatarjoebartels
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Davenport Wash - 3 Waterfalls - Sears #90 Loop, AZ 
Davenport Wash - 3 Waterfalls - Sears #90 Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 11 2014
Hiking22.37 Miles 3,685 AEG
Hiking22.37 Miles   13 Hrs   10 Mns   1.84 mph
3,685 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break12 LBS Pack
1st trip
West Mazzie trails are difficult to attain. Their luster is hidden between rippled ridges.

Seventy percent of the earths surface is covered in water. A fraction of nearly nothing can inspire and catapult your surrounding environment.

Heading in, little did I know a plutonium vortex wilderness experience was underway. Catclaw lined trails and dust right?

Bruce was inspired by Outlander, Topohiker & kindled by a recent Hansenaz trip. Thank god for the kind sharing souls.

This was my first visit to Horseshoe. The drive to reward ratio is excellent for quarter mile pondering. Hiking opportunities are bleak for casual hikers. It's a gold mine for Outlander & Topohiker types.

Bruce entered the stubborn club for men right off the bat. Despite obvious clues higher or lower would be faster, painless and less of a mind boggle we conquered 99 inlaid ridges to get the party started. The joy factor pegged on empty looking right into the sun the entire way zapping us into wtf land.

2.35mi - agony gave way to a nice 3.65mi road walk. Fabulous views can be enjoyed as you won't be staring at your feet for loose rocks or battling catclaw.

6.00mi - Bruce had us turn off and head down to Davenport Wash. Up to this point I was enjoying the hike. The geology immediately changed and it had my attention. It looked like a mini Papago playground. Luckily Bruce was interested in checking it out. Next up was the wash he assured me was dry, wide and easy to follow.

6.75mi - Bruce lied and hikers died. Just kidding. He did mention lush spots. In turn our 3.25mi through the creek was all lush. It was awesome and Bruce dubbed it "mini Aravaipa". While I enjoy the awesomeness, miles upon miles through it does wear you down. The gestapo found a heart allowing multiple pre-lunch breaks to enjoy the environment, release anguish and stabilize nutrition.

10.00mi - Due to our slug pace we opted for the shortest of three options for this hike. Bruce dubbed the crossover to Sears Trail #90 as "interesting". What started off as dry and easy started to show signs of life. Then whammy, an inviting short waterfall. Scramble. Cascade. Another waterfall, this one approx 30ft. Scrambling to check out the top I laid my eyes on an 80 footer dwarfing the present interest.

I'm hooting, hollering, enjoying the moment and looking forward to looking down from that beast. Out of the blue the world beneath me was yanked out like an old dirty rug. Bruce wasn't into it and directed me away from the promise land. It was difficult walking away. Luckily the surrounding scenery was so impressive the singeing sting eased up.

We ascended to the 3963 Ridge frustum to pay homage to our favorite DISC gangster the FLIVER.

12.60mi - Headed down Sears Trail #90. It is a cairn hunt. Not much vegetation in the mid range made travel easy. The further down we got the easier it was to follow. Until... well until it got dark and we dropped into Davenport Wash. It was kind of a mess. Not much in the cairn department either.

19.00mi - we coasted home on the nice road

great hike!
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Davenport Peak
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part of what makes Arizona incredible
- joe
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