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Hau'Pal Trail
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mini location map2006-10-24
6 by photographer avatarDano
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Hau'Pal TrailPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 24 2006
Hiking1.64 Miles 994 AEG
Hiking1.64 Miles   1 Hour      1.64 mph
994 ft AEG
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Here's my experience--I could not find any definition for the word Ma Ha Tauk, other than it being the name of this mountain range. The signage all says "Ma Ha Tauk", with no mention of "Warrior". The parking lot(01.jpg) was empty, other than a couple of homeless people in cars. The trailhead(02.jpg) is clearly marked. After about 100 yards, there is a an old dirt road(03.jpg), but there is an Area Closed sign there. I wonder where it goes?

The trail heads straight south toward one of the peaks, but about two-thirds the way up, it veers East around the mountain. There are a few old mines(04.jpg) along the way.

At the intersection with the Crosscut(06.jpg) trail, there appears to be a faint trail that heads toward the peak(05.jpg) . This must be the way up per the hike description.

However, the Ma Ha Tauk trail does not end here. It continues South around the East side of the mountain, and though I didn't go all the rest of the way, it clearly ends at the paved road that goes to San Juan point (this road has been closed to cars for over a year now).

Next time I'll try the summit trail--I do recall a small trail along the Eastern ridge of the Alta trail, which is probably where this trail goes.

All in all there is enough elevation gain to get a good workout, and in good wildflower years, this would be a much less-busy alternative to the other trails.

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