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mini location map2014-03-15
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Saddle Ridge Trail #14Payson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 15 2014
Hiking20.30 Miles 5,875 AEG
Hiking20.30 Miles
5,875 ft AEG
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The Mazzies never disappoint. This adventure was no different. It had trails, bushwhacking, roads canyons, making cool wrong turns, lots of Indian stuff, and lots of water. I had been to the area 4-5 times but this time covered lots of new territory.

I met Lee about 7am and we were off about 45 minutes later. I won’t go into the first thing he asked me to borrow but its PT backwards. :) We headed down the trail with the dogs and when we got to the boundary, Blanco couldn’t fit thru the new blockade with his pack on :doh: . We stopped and checked out some littered pottery areas and it’s the first time I saw some different colors out there on the mesa. About an hour and a half after we started, I left the trio and headed towards Cane Springs Moutain. I never made it because there was just to much cool glyphs, manos, arrowheads, tools and other evidence of a past long gone. I had planned on heading down LP Canyon but settled on Cane. Found some more current cool stuff.

Met back up with the crew about lunch time and enjoyed the gorge. The guy who likes Indian stuff had only seen the pottery and no other cool stuff :A1: like a 25 pd 12 point elk rack with skull. A little while later, he’d scramble to an alcove and find one piece of pottery and some smoke stains. But he’d have 3 more days and was heading to the really cool area. We headed down The Gorge and it was frickin awesome. We were gonna hit some side canyons but decided they’d have to wait for another trip. There was a few drops that we bypassed one in particular wasn’t very pleasant especially for Lee with his big pack. It was 150ft or so climb in aerated soil traversing big drops at times. This was between Indian Springs canyon and Greenhorn. Back on solid ground, the dogs went for a swim and I watched the cool frogs. This is where we’d go our separate ways.

I went up Greenhorn to Camp Gulch. I was admiring the falls and peacefulness so much that I missed the Hiero split that I planned on doing. So I did something I regretted, I headed straight up to a cool peak, 1200ft aeg in less than a half mile. The top was volcanic pebbles that took away all my mojo for this cool peak, plus the mesa was above it. From the mesa, I headed to find Ross since I was no longer with Bing. This would be the first of a few cool mistakes I’d make in the next few hours. I left road ridge for trail ridge then followed a cow trail to Bull. I got turned around in the dark and was heading in the wrong direction back to Road ridge. After about .25 mile I figured it out. I could now see Twin Buttes and Headed for it. About an hour later, I made another .25 mile mistake, but mostly because I saw something cool and just headed towards it. It was a cool 14 hour adventure and I'm glad I had my headlamp and map and the full moon helped. My gps didn't track. Cool meeting Bing and the dogs. Look forward to doing some other stuff.
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Ross Tank
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