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Old Cabin Trail
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mini location map2014-03-22
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Old Cabin TrailLos Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Hiking avatar Mar 22 2014
Hiking9.60 Miles 2,657 AEG
Hiking9.60 Miles
2,657 ft AEG
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I said last month that I thought that maybe the Old Cabin Trail was too hard on my knees and that maybe I should stop hiking it. I guess that makes me an idiot. That said, I got cortisone shots in both knees after the last hike up the Old Cabin Trail and my knees have been feeling better lately. My knees felt the best they’ve felt on this hike for the past 3 trips up.

The day started out cloudy (June Gloom in March). I was pleased to finally see some green in the burn area. Unfortunately, the storm that hit three weeks ago that allowed the hills to turn green also caused a considerable amount of trail erosion too.

I made pretty good time up to a place I call lunch rock, which is only about a quarter mile from Tri Peaks. My knees were doing great. I had a granola bar and some water at lunch rock and watched fog blow in over Tri Peaks big time. By the time I finished my granola bar I couldn’t even see Tri Peaks. I headed up to Tri Peaks and thought to myself, “If I didn’t know the way to Tri Peaks I would really be worried about getting lost in this fog”.

When I was about 100 yards from Tri Peaks I looked up and there it was, barely visible through the fog. It was really spooky looking.

The trip down was of course a bit harder than the trip up for me. There are so many nasty sections of trail that going down is a lot harder on my knees than going up. I still managed to handle it a lot better this time.
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Named place
Conejo Mountain Tri Peaks
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