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Nambe Lake
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Nambe LakeNorth Central, NM
North Central, NM
Hiking avatar Jul 12 2014
Hiking6.90 Miles 1,770 AEG
Hiking6.90 Miles
1,770 ft AEG
1st trip
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What a beautiful morning in Santa Fe today. Unlike all of the other days this week there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I was motivated to head up to Ski Santa Fe and hike to Nambe Lake. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my own advice and left way too late. By the time I parked the car, clouds were already forming.

I hiked at a brisk pace. I reached the Junction of the Nambe Lake Trail and the Winsor Trail in under an hour. About halfway up the Nambe Lake Trail I started feeling rain drops. No big deal I thought. I haven’t heard any thunder so it won’t rain very hard.

Shortly after the first creek crossing it started to rain hard enough that I put my camera away to keep it dry. Shortly after that it was raining so hard that I pulled out my rain gear. Then came the hail. Then the trail turned into a river. I was stuck. Then came the thunder.

I banked on the rain not lasting long and after about 30 minutes it was more of a sprinkle. I made my way up to Nambe Lake, albeit a slog through the rain soaked very steep trail. It was still sprinkling when I got to the lake and I had to dry off my camera lens before I could shoot any photos. It rained so hard that all of the flowers were drooping. The rain drops hitting the otherwise glassy smooth lake made for some interesting photos.

In places it looked like it had just snowed. There was such an accumulation of hail in places. It was a pretty neat sight.

It was a very tough descent down the Nambe Lake Trail due to how slippery it was after the rain. Once on the Winsor Trail the conditions were good and I made good time getting back to my car.
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Nambe Lake Rio Nambe
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