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Tsankawi Ruin
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Tsankawi RuinNorth Central, NM
North Central, NM
Hiking avatar Jul 11 2014
Hiking1.50 Miles 361 AEG
Hiking1.50 Miles
361 ft AEG
1st trip
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The second leg of our Bandelier trip was to hike the Tsankawi Ruin. Our son was done for the day and stayed in the car nearly draining the battery in my car listening to music for nearly an hour and a half.

With monsoon clouds finally in place we made our way up the mesa. It was very warn, but at least the sun wasn’t out. When we reach the top of the mesa, the sun came out and it heated up again. At least all of the uphill was out of the way. Too bad the return trip is on a south facing slope.

The park has changed a little since our last visit. Some excavating has taken place and many pottery pieces have been gathered together and laid out in several places throughout the park. Also, I’m pretty sure that the trail on top of the mesa has been rerouted. There was a large cut rock that I would describe as a tombstone that we didn’t see this time around. It was under a juniper and was pretty easy to spot. When we got to the ladder down off the mesa I saw the remnants of an old trail and I’m pretty sure that was the route of our original trek.

As we travelled along the south wall of the mesa I saw many more petroglyphs than I saw the first time we were there. Tsankawi’s rocks are generally too light for petroglyphs. They just don’t have a good patina. Nevertheless, they were pretty cool to look at.

I kept noticing when I looked behind us to take a photo that there some really dark clouds approaching from the east. After descending off the last plateau of the mesa it started to rain. What a relief. Our day at Bandelier was much hotter than anticipated, so a few rain drops were welcome.
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