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Devil's Chasm
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Devil's ChasmGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 19 2014
Hiking3.90 Miles 2,160 AEG
Hiking3.90 Miles   7 Hrs   20 Mns   1.11 mph
2,160 ft AEG   3 Hrs   50 Mns Break
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1st trip
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What can one say? It lived up to the hype, both the hike :) and the trail : rambo : . Tiffani was in town for spring break and wanted to camp and hike. Wendy picked the Chasm. We all met at Globe (3 cars) and headed out for our quick weekend adventure. The CRV (6.7 “ground clearance) and Tonto Jr (8.5 “ground clearance) would barely be able to make that last 2 ½ miles to the TH/campground but we managed; though we both scraped bottom a couple times (could be driver error, hard to say).

Wendy and I had hoped when we reached camp we would claim our spots and then start hiking as we knew this was a tough hike; not sure the others understood. They started setting up camp instead and having a snack but no big deal. I decided to head on up ahead of the group.

It was a humid day and though the weather threatened, we only got sprinkled on a couple times and it was just a tad chilly where we had our lunch as you hit the bedrock of the canyon not too far from the chockstone. I followed the trail though at times I think I was a little off as I stayed closer to the creek but would always seem to meet up with what seemed like the main trail. There are some downed trees and such that you have to go under, over and/or around. At one point I jumped a bit as a big lizard :o that had buried himself in the dry leaves came up and out of them without warning me [-X . I tried to get a photo but to no avail.

Soon the group caught me and up we went until you are into the canyon with a nice vantage point above the trees. And then as you go through this one area of trees, you finally come out to the bedrock canyon. It is here that we had our long lunch it seemed. Looking up the canyon, you would think there was no way :-k to get up and over that huge chockstone. But obviously that was not the case. I knew the rope was there but that last step is a doozie! The rope did not have the tied knots so it was a little harder to hold onto trying to get up over the little boulder into the rabbit hole.

I went up first as I wanted to get pics and movies of some of the crew as they crawled up. Once out the rabbit hole (most of us took off our pack as it made it much easier) we continued up the bedrock part of the canyon. I was surprised that the next waterfall came so soon. There was also a rope there though not totally necessary; it allowed you to get up the waterfall much quicker. This waterfall barely had any water running down it. However, there were pools of water along the way and the view was :DANCE: .

From there it was a little hard to guess where you needed to go but we did encounter some hikers coming down who tried to explain where we should look to to get out of the canyon and UP to the Ruins. We found our way fairly well and then you eventually get up to a bit of a bench before the torture begins in earnest :gun: . From some Rx I did on the web:
“The hiking here is miserable. The ground consists of loose talus and fine dirt that rises in dustly clouds, covering your skin and clothes (my addition: particularly on the way down) and clogging your lungs. The trail is so steep and the ground so loose that climbers have to spread out to avoid being hit by debris dislodged by the person ahead.”

After that you top out on a ridge thinking it’s all done cuz THERE’S the Ruins. You would be wrong :oplz: as Wendy and I found out. You walk on an almost flat area for a wee bit till you round the corner by a boulder and realize it’s straight up again :wlift: on this loose trail. Even worse is that the sun was in such a bad place we couldn’t get a decent picture of the Ruins. Well at least they are close so soon you are walking over to them; thank God!

The Ruins are indeed spectacular and impressive. It wasn’t easy getting thru the door openings but eventually I got to get out on the veranda (rock ledge). THIS is where I wanted to take in the moment :y: . But it always seems you never have a long enough time to soak it all in and because of our late start and long lunch break, that would be the case this afternoon.

So we gathered ourselves together and most of the group took off quickly while Wendy, Tiffani and I took our time getting down; mostly because of the trail conditions being so difficult. I felt pretty good for most of it but would surprise myself by falling a couple times. One thing when you fall and slide, you make up pretty good ground that way.

Both Wendy and I did some rumpaging as well :D ; it just takes the effort out of having to tip toe down the slippery slopes. Fortunately you know that this whole situation would end sooner than later so you keep holding on for dear life until you’re almost to where you can see the creek and you know it’s mostly over. Now mind you, every once in awhile we could stop briefly to observe the fabulous scenery :kf: .

We meandered our way through the boulder section and as we’re coming off that little pour off with the moss I commented to Wendy that I didn’t want to get my feet wet cuz I’d slip and not more than two minutes later, that is exactly what I did! My elbow hit the ledge as I was going down. Yikes! But after starting to breath again after my momentary shock, I moved my elbow and it wasn’t broken so I was relieved. But, uh oh – there’s blood, and a lot for me. Well I gave my bandana to Wendy so she could wrap it below where the bleeding was (just below my elbow) :stretch: . Tho I was ready to move on, Wendy made me sit to gather my bearings a little longer.

And then we were off again. I was spooked and a little more careful but we made it down the waterfall and to the rabbit hole without incident. I was a bit nervous about getting over the rock and down the slippery area with my bad wing but I managed to do just fine even though I slid on my butt :DANCE: (just seemed easier and quicker than trying to get down delicately and upright).

Now to finish this off. It was pretty overcast by this time and seemed to get a bit humid again. I would go to get my bandana to wipe the sweat and realized it was tied around my arm. There also seemed more straight down sections ](*,) than I remember and more trees to get over, around, across, under or above. My hiking pole would constantly get caught up during this; I’ll have to come up with a plan B for the pole(s) as it gets very aggravating after a while. Wendy had my umbrella for a lot of the trip down as it was one of the casualties of getting caught up in the brush.

Successfully down it was time to wash out the wound to see what the damage was and Nurse Wendy patched me as she would re-do in the AM again :thanx: . She kept saying something about stitches… which in retrospect, I probably should have gotten. We had a wonderful pot luck dinner with some libations. I :zzz: pretty well for a change and the temp was perfect :D .

We were all pretty beat up so on Sunday, we hung around camp. I actually got to complete a full cup of coffee which usually never happens when camping or backpacking. We played “Cards against Humanity”. I finally caught on toward the end before we decided to have a snack and pack up.

On the trip out, we moved a couple rocks out of the road before proceeding but still managed to scrape just a little not to mention the boulder Tonto Jr scraped :cry: trying to get turned around in the parking lot. My tire pressure alarm went off but it appeared to be a false alarm. We had a wonderful Easter lunsup at Judy’s Cookhouse before heading home.

I’ve got 3 videos for you:
Video 1 to the chockstone -
Video 2 getting by the chockstone and on up to the area before you start the really tough climbing, I mean hiking -
Video 3 at and thru the Ruins and back down (including some slipping and sliding) -

Thx everyone (nice to get my Tiffani booster shot, nice to meet the Tylers and Shannon, nice to see Wendy and Sarae), it was awesome! :y:
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