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Devil's Chasm
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mini location map2013-03-30
15 by photographer avatarLittleKnee
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Devil's ChasmGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 30 2013
Hiking3.90 Miles 2,489 AEG
Hiking3.90 Miles
2,489 ft AEG
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Friday after Kyle got off work, we packed up the truck and hit the road for a night under the stars. The next day we were going to explore the Sierra Anchas by ATV. So we did. Until we got to Devils Chasm and decided we couldn’t just drive by it. After a little convincing (I was not wearing the proper shoes nor was I mentally prepared for this hike- lots of wine the night before and not a solid breakfast either), I decided it would be a pitty to come this way and not do it.

This is a BEAUTIFUL hike. I loved the sounds of running water and that you are hidden from the sun most of the way. Once to the waterfall, boulder, and second waterfall I was feeling pretty good about the hike. :wlift: This ain’t so bad, right? Wrong! Holy :pk: , the last part of the trail kicked my butt! Blood, sweat, and some tears were shed. I cursed every bee, wasp, thorn, Kyle, and loose rock along the way. I kept looking up thinking, how on earth are we going to get DOWN. :scared: I would advise people NOT to look up because, sure enough, fear got into my head and I had to stop.

Kyle had enough of my complaining and kept going. :stop: I watched a group of about 8 or so slide on their butts down along with all the loose rocks. I hoped they would make it look easy and I’d get the courage to make it up the ruins. Nah, they all had terrified looks in their eyes (but smiles- and lots of dirt- on their faces). Then another couple made their way up, and shared some words of encouragement. We had chatted with them at the trailhead (such nice people)! At that point, I decided I must continue. They helped me up the trail until I found my man (shocked that I made it & happy he got a break from dealing with me, I’m sure).

Talk about spectacular views! People aren’t joking when they say you can’t see the ruins until you are almost there (they are hidden so well)! The people who lived in these dwellings must have been tiny people; the doors were so small! I chuckled at the little shelf that Kyle rested his sunglasses on and we were in awe of how they built such solid structures so high up. Absolutely awesome place...

And then the way down… all I could think was “Screw you Indians! Why couldn’t you just build your dwelling near the creek at the bottom to make it easy on us!” Okay okay, if they had done that I wouldn’t be in awe nor would I have seen those amazing views. So, I take that back and instead thank them (with a slight scowl on my face). :worthy:

We passed a group of 4 hikers in their 60s and 70s on their way up the steepest part of the trail, and I was just amazed. Here I am, 23, fearing for my life while they are just trekking along like it was just an ordinary Saturday stroll. Hopefully someday I’ll be like them.

The waterfalls seemed a bit harder to go down then they were to go up, but we managed. I’ve decided that my next purchase will be trekking poles (thank you to the man that let me borrow the one he stashed before the climb)! It made the way down more enjoyable (aside from throwing up my pb&j sandwich and cursing a few more innocent rocks :A1: )! BUT I DID IT!
It is easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top. - Henry Ward Beecher

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