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Rim Camping, AZ
mini location map2014-07-11
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Rim Camping, AZ 
Rim Camping, AZ
Car Camping avatar Jul 11 2014
Car Camping
Car Camping3 Days         
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The Plan
Go up Friday before the Rains hit and spend 4 or so Days up on the Rim...Ken and Mike were picking me up to do Avocado Canyon Saturday Morning, so I wanted to Camp near there, at least for Friday Night...I had a Friend that wanted to Hike Sunday so I was looking to drive over to the other side of Payson for that and probably Camp the rest of the time over there...

What really happened
I bailed on Sunday Morning... :sweat:

Day 1
Left later than I wanted on Friday Afternoon...Just turning onto the Beeline, got a Phone Call, and had to detour to Gilbert and then back home...Didn't get up to FR 81 until a little after 4 and it had already started Raining up there...Was hoping to Camp at the Maxwell/Tramway Split, but after awhile, 81E got pretty nasty with the Mud...I got that nice 1" plus Mud/Pine Needle/Pine Cone Coating on my less than optimal Street Tires and was doing more sliding than driving at that Point. Made it to the Junction, but decided that with a lot more Rain in the Forecast to come, this was not a great place for my Escape to be, so I backtracked...On the way back out I saw a Herd of Mule Deer crossing the Road, so I stopped and stalked them on Foot with the Camera...This was the Beginning of my Photography Extravaganza that Afternoon/Evening...

Found a nice Spot next to a big Meadow and called it Home...It was Cloudy, but not Raining at this Point. After Settling In and setting up my Tarp, there looked like there might be some Color getting ready to happen with the Sunset, so I set off into the Meadow on Foot...There were a few Cows around here and there, and when I got a ways away from Camp, I looked back and some of the Cows had sauntered right into my Camp...Thought that was a little odd, but whatever... :sweat: The Colors from the Sunset started looking really good, but suddenly, there was an unexpected Development... Cows... Apparently, there were a lot more than I thought and I'm not talking about the half Dozen that were currently in my Camp...I'm not sure why, but for some reason, it was like I rang a Dinner Bell or something...Cows started coming out of the Trees in all directions and they were all running straight towards me...There must have been at least 40 Head... :o There weren't any Bulls that I could see, so I really wasn't that intimidated, but it was kind of interesting that they didn't hit the Brakes until they were less than 10 feet away... :sweat: They completely surrounded me and kept wanting to move in closer...And they stayed...All of them... :sweat: At one point, I turned my back on one of them and it started mouthing the back of my Shirt...They were acting so funny and cute for awhile there that I actually had a small Pang of Regret for the Wendy's Burger I had had a couple of hours before... :sweat: That would change later though...By the End of the Weekend, they were looking like some pretty good Steaks to me... :sl: They literally followed me around for over an Hour while I shot one of the most Gorgeous Sunsets I've had the Opportunity to witness in a long time.... :D 360 Degree Views of Fabulous Color and Clouds... :y: At one Point, I was running across the Meadow and the "Herd" literally ran after me... :sl: Then came the Challenge of trying to Shoot some Sunset Compositions that didn't have Cows in them, or at least, not right in my Face... :sweat: I had to pretty much "Fake them Out" at times just to get a Clear Shot! By the time it got Dark, they finally starting losing Interest and spread out across the Meadow...I thought I was done with them...I was wrong... :sl:

Went back to Camp, which had also emptied out of Bovines, and realized that the Cows in Camp hadn't just wandered around...They were tasting everything...I picked up my Hiking Boots and they were Wet Inside and it hadn't Rained yet... :lol: Settled in for the Night...About 2:00 in the Morning, I wake up, hearing what sounds like an Animal in Camp...I sit up and come Face to Face with a Cow that has come under my Tarp and is sticking her Head into the back of the Escape... :doh: Then, I realized that she was not the one that woke me up...The Cow that was licking my Window, right next to my Face, was the one that woke me up... :sl: My Dogs' Nose Prints and Drool do not hold a Candle to Cud Chewing Bovine Tongue Marks.... :oplz: They finally went away, but were back by 6 am the next morning...They must have been after Minerals as they were literally licking the Rocks that lined the Campfire Pit....I texted Mike and told him not to bother looking for the Camp, just look for the Herd of Cows... :sweat:

Day 2
Avocado Canyon (Separate Triplog) Got back to Camp in the Pouring Rain and my Tarp had come loose, so I had Wet Gear from the Canyon and Wet Gear at Camp, and both the Road in and the Campsite were pretty muddy...(Ken had fun in his New Jeep though... :D ) Put the Tarp back up and try to hang things underneath it to start drying them out...I had put any Camping Gear in the Car that I really didn't want to get Wet, so it was ok, but the Stove was wet as well as the Table and with all of the Mud, I just skipped Dinner and snacked in the Car...The Rain didn't quit until after Midnight. I'll bet in less than 8 Hours, there was at least 1+ Inch of Rain...I knew I had some minor Leaks in the Tarp from my last Trip, but it pretty much failed completely on this Trip...The Cows still visited again on this Night, in spite of the Rain...

Day 3
My Friend texted me late Saturday Night and stated that he wasn't going to be able to come up, so I was debating what to do next...It became apparent when I woke up and got moving...Still Cloudy, and although Rain wasn't predicted until after Noon, it certainly appeared like it might jump the Gun a bit...There was no way anything was going to dry out, in between Storms, and that included the Road I was on and my Campsite itself...With more Rain on the Way, I figured it would be prudent to get out of this Spot while I still could...But then, what to do from there? That became very apparent when I went to put my Shoes on...

I have a Love/Hate Relationship with my Canyoneering Boots...I love the C4 Rubber immensely, it gives me awesome Traction and with that, Confidence...The Fit however, leaves something to be desired and by the end of the Day, my Feet are miserable...I've tried all kinds of different combinations of Sock, Neoprene and Insoles to no avail...

The Day before, in Avocado, I started getting Hot Spots...I tried to take care of it when we hit WCC, but I brought the wrong Tape and it didn't work out, so I was going to have to tough it out...It seemed to not get any worse, but what I didn't realize was that the Cold Water in WCC was actually "masking" the Problem...That Night, the Blister on my Heel broke and peeled back and when I went to put my Boots on, even with a Band Aid and Moleskin, I knew I was through...It was painful and when I tried to walk, it was way worse...It turned out to be the Deal Breaker...There was no way I could really do much and with all of the Rain and the Wet Gear to Boot, I threw in the Towel...Everything got thrown in the back of the Escape and I was outta there...It was a good Decision to leave that Spot anyway as it took me over 5 minutes to go 100 Yards back out to the Main Road...I almost didn't make it, the Mud was so bad.... :sweat: I bogged down and spun in place a couple of times, but somehow, that Vehicle pulled through for me again...I love that SUV.... :D

Despite ending the Entire Trip early, it was still a Great Trip...Anytime I get to do a Canyon, it bumps the Quality of the Trip up to "Completely Awesome"... :D The Sunset, and yes, even laughing hysterically at the Cows, were a Bonus, so it was a Fabulous Weekend anyway...Looking forward to going again, soon, as the Tarp has now been replaced... :sweat:

Photos: All of the Photos are from Friday...It was really my only Photography on the Trip outside of the Canyon Trip itself...
Cow Mule Deer
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