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Rim Camping II, AZ
mini location map2014-07-24
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Rim Camping II, AZ 
Rim Camping II, AZ
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Another Attempt at Camping up on the Rim...Some Photography Friends decided that they wanted to do a Photo Hike at Woods Canyon Lake on Saturday, so I made the Rim Road my Camping Choice for this Trip...It was a Typical Monsoon Pattern for the 1st 2 Full Days, clear in the Morning, build-up in the Afternoon and then a Brief Shower in the late Afternoon/early Evening...That changed the last two Days and I didn't get as much Hiking in as I wanted, but with a new Tarp, everything stayed Dry at least, although I will say Mother Nature tried her best and threw just about everything at it except Snow... :sweat: I must say that I probably won't pick this area to Camp again on a Weekend in the middle of Summer...There had to have been thousands of people up there this Weekend... :o

Left Thursday Evening and just found a quick Spot to spend the Night as it was late when I got there...Wasn't on the Rim Road off of 260 until after Dark, but did see a Fox and a Mule Deer once I got on it...And it was nice and Cool... :D

Day 1 (Friday) First Full Day
Found a nice little sweet Spot on the Edge of the Rim to set up a better Camp and then went and did a Hike...Returned to Camp in time to watch a little Monsoon action off the Edge of the Rim and then endured a little Marble-sized Hail and Rain in my Camp before Dinner...The Skies cleared up nicely through the Night...

Day 2
Decided to get to Woods Canyon Lake early as I had a feeling that it would be busy...That Feeling was completely understated...At 8:30, I got one of the last Spots to Park at the Store/Boat Launch area and I had to Park over a Curb to get that...I don't care who it is or why, but I will never hit this place on a Saturday again...It was a frickin' Circus...My Friends had to Park way up on Top when they got there two hours later...Did the Hike, went back to my Camp, tore it down, and joined my Friends over at their Site...My Site was too small and they could have never gotten their little Trailer in there, so I moved....We were treated to an awesome Sunset off the Rim that Night and a little bit of Rain...I guess many areas of the State, including parts of the Valley got hammered on this Night with both Rain, Wind and lots of Lightning...We could see the Lightning, but it was never directly over us and we just got a light Rain. I guess Mother Nature was storing up some more Energy for our area for later... :sweat:

Day 3
Although it acted like it was going to clear up again overnight, it proved not to be the Case for long. Woke up to dark Gray Skies and intermittent Rain throughout the Morning...We decided not to go out and Hike and just lounged around Camp staying Dry. Late Morning to very early Afternoon, the Sun broke out for a little while, allowing my Friends to dry out some of their Stuff and pack up...They would leave about 3:00 for Show Low where they were meeting relatives for a couple of more days of Camping...Their Timing for leaving couldn't have been better...30 minutes after they left, all Hell broke loose...Torrential Rain, Hail, and strong Winds for the next 3 hours with the Rain just letting up slightly after that and continuing most of the Night and into the next Morning. I ventured out to the edge of the Rim for a little bit as there promised to actually be somewhat of a Sunset, but since the Rain never quit, I wasn't there long and it was frustrating getting Shots of a pretty View since my Lens was getting Wet immediately...All of my Shots were "hurried" and I think I only got 3 out of 20 that didn't have Water Spots on the Lens....It was a pretty 45 Minutes though before I retreated back under my Tarp for the Night. The nicest thing was that I was Camped on solid Pine Needles this time around, so I had no Mud to deal with... :)

Day 4
Woke up to still dark Gray Skies and more intermittent Rain...Just relaxed for awhile and when it seemed like it had quit for awhile, I packed up and hit the Road. Stopped a few places along the Rim and then hit up Knoll Lake for a small Hike...The Weather started to threaten again in a few hours so I hit the Road again, stopping at various Rim Spots to catch some Storm Shots...I took the Rim Road to 87 on the way out as I knew my chances of seeing Elk that way would be good...And I did see a nice little Herd of Elk in a small Meadow, but it was Raining and almost Dark, so really no chance for Photos...Saw another Fox on the way out too...The Escape got a really nice Washing before I hit Pavement and then Rain almost all the way into Payson...Cleanest the Escape has been in over two Weeks... :sweat:

In Spite of the hordes of People and a little excess Rain, it was a good Trip...Good Friends for part of the Stay kept things Entertaining, even with the Weather...I didn't take a lot of "Camping" Photos so I will include them with the Hikes...This one Photo was from Sunday, the only day I didn't Hike something.... ;) It's from my little Foray out into the Rain for a Sunset Shot....I'm really glad for the amount of Rain this Area of the Rim got, as it was actually very dry when I got there on Thursday...This area really needed a good Soaking and it finally got it on Saturday and Sunday.... :)
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Light
Flowers are starting to come in, but they look stressed and Wimpy...It was still very Dry up here at the beginning of the Trip, but they should really start coming in alot more nicely now with some good Rains finally...About the only thing making a substantial Appearance was the Cone Flowers in Spots....
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