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See Forever Trail
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See Forever TrailWest, CO
West, CO
Hiking avatar Jul 17 2014
Hiking5.50 Miles 2,187 AEG
Hiking5.50 Miles
2,187 ft AEG
1st trip
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After 9 days in New Mexico, we had some business to take care of. Our son is in college and looking to transfer to a 4 year university in a year or two. So we headed up to Boulder, CO to visit CU Boulder and later in the week headed to Flagstaff to visit NAU. Boulder to Flagstaff in a day is torture despite the beautiful scenery of much of the drive. So my solution was an overnight stay in my favorite place in Colorado – Telluride.

When I suggested that we go hiking the next morning before heading to Flagstaff, my wife agreed and my son suggested mountain biking. The issue was whether or not we had enough time to get back into our hotel room to shower and pack before checkout time. We got the hotel to let us stay until noon.

We started at 7:30 AM. Our son couldn’t ride until 9 AM because he needed to rent a bike. Telluride was very hazy early on, just as Boulder was during the two days we were there. As we climbed in elevation visibility and the views improved. As the morning warmed the haze began to clear at lower elevations as well.

Due to time limitations, we used our turnaround point from 4 years ago as the turnaround point today. I had wanted to go all the way to Palmyra Peak, but we simply didn’t have enough time.

As soon as we arrived at the turn around point, a chairlift, three marmots scattered from the catwalk of the chairlift. Not for long though as they were curious and kept popping up in different places to check us out. There was a sign on the lift control building that warned about “wild marmots” and right below that sign there was a lot of damage to the plywood on the side of the building. It turns out the marmots are eating the plywood. I shot a photo of one of them doing it.

Before we left we the lift also had a chipmunk visit us and pose for a few photos. Then we headed back down. We made is back to the hotel at 10:50 and showered. Our son made it back at 11:30 and did the same. We were out of our room at exactly 12 noon. Not bad!

An hour after leaving we arrived in Dolores, CO and stopped at the post office so my wife could mail some postcards. Afterward, while driving down the highway my wife mentioned a restaurant (right after we passed it) and then I spotted the Galloping Goose. So I pulled over to take a gander at the goose (pun intended) and then turned around and went back to the restaurant for a much needed lunch stop.

Our drive to Flagstaff was tough as we were all tired from our morning adventures. But it was a good kind of tired.
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