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Sherwin Lakes
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mini location map2015-01-25
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Sherwin LakesSierra Nevada, CA
Sierra Nevada, CA
Hiking avatar Jan 25 2015
Hiking5.60 Miles 836 AEG
Hiking5.60 Miles
836 ft AEG
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Living the life.

Today I skied all morning and hiked the rest of the day. For me that’s living the life. When I was younger I used to go running after skiing. But as I got older, I pretty much just skied of hiked, but never both in the same day.

Today I wanted to do both. I wanted to ski with my wife and daughter. The snow was surprisingly god, albeit thin yesterday, so I figured we would have fun. As it turned out, we did have fun up until noon, when the snow took on the consistency of a Slurpie. So off the mountain we went.

An hour later I was on the Sherwin Lakes Trail. I brought my hiking poles again because wet ice and show is the worst kind and I anticipated some. The trail was a little worse than I expected, but I managed through it pretty well.

I reached Sherwin Lakes quickly and had the place to myself. I saw lots of people coming down while I was heading up, but no one once I got there. Last January I walked on the frozen lake. Today the ice looked very thin and there were lots of puddles on the ice. Anyone that would walk on the ice today is a fool.

I was much slower descending than ascending the trail. The trail was so slippery on the way down that I took my sweet time. Eventually I made it back to the trailhead. When I got into my 4Runner the thermometer said the temperature was 57 degrees outside. Small wonder why all of the snow is melting in Mammoth lakes today.
90+° 8am - 6pm kills
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