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Deer Lakes
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mini location map2014-08-31
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Deer LakesSierra Nevada, CA
Sierra Nevada, CA
Hiking avatar Aug 31 2014
Hiking11.80 Miles 3,200 AEG
Hiking11.80 Miles   6 Hrs      1.97 mph
3,200 ft AEG
1st trip
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This one has been on my bucket list for a long time. I’ve been up on Mammoth Crest a few times, but have never been able to convince my wife and son to go all the way to Deer Lakes. So this time I planned the hike with my brother-in-law.

We got an early start. For the first time ever, I found a parking spot at the Lake George parking lot. I’ve always had to park down the hill somewhere.

The trail traffic was pretty light. As usual, most of the people on the trail were heading to Crystal Lake, not Mammoth Crest. By the time we were up on the Crest, we only saw one other person on the way to Deer Lakes.

Just before the downhill trek to the lakes, we left the trail to stay up on the Crest for a while to check out the views. We found a crag that gave us a bird’s eye view of Hammil Lake. Not that Hammil Lake is all that impressive, I’ve never seen it like I did from the crag. Alas, I was in a hurry to get off of that crag. All of the loose rocks caused my acute fear of heights to kick in.

We headed down to the lakes. They were better than I expected and the surrounding geology was spectacular. We found a nice campsite to have lunch at and get out of the sun. We had a great view of a couple nearby lakes.

After a few photos we hit the trail. As we came down off the Crest there were a lot more people on the trail. Once we were back on the Crystal Lake Trail, there was too much traffic. Joe took a spill on a slippery boulder. Time for a new pair of hiking boots, Joe.

After we finished the hike we headed down to Mammoth Brewing Company for an ale. I had my old standby, 395 IPA. Sorry, no CAG shot.
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