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Parker Lake Trail
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Parker Lake TrailSierra Nevada, CA
Sierra Nevada, CA
Hiking avatar Oct 11 2014
Hiking4.00 Miles 600 AEG
Hiking4.00 Miles
600 ft AEG
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On my way back to Mammoth Lakes from Lundy Lake on Thursday I took the June Lake Loop so that I could stop at June Lake Brewery to pick up a growler. I spotted lots of aspens on the road to Parker Lake and decided to head there today.

So up the dirt road I went, shortly before reaching the trailhead I spotted what had caught my attention two days ago, a long line of beautiful aspens with yellow and red leaves, lining a small unnamed stream. There are no trails along this stream so unless I wants to bushwhack through dense scrub I was limited to two short access roads. The second access road did not disappoint.

After shooting some photos at the stream, on I went to the Parker Lake Trailhead. This is no secret spot. The parking lot was full and cars lined the road over a quarter mile down from the parking lot. Make that a quarter mile plus one dirty 4Runner now. By the time I got my knee braces on and grabbed my camera and hip pack, four cars had parked below me.

On I went up a steep chaparral lined trail. Just as I reach the top of the bluff the canyon that Parker Creek runs through came into view. It is lined with lots of aspens than their leaves were giving a show. Some very high peaks behind Parker Lake also came into view.

As I neared Parker Lake the trail became more forested and the terrain flatted out. Parker Creek runs beside the trail and its waters were placid. There are lots of fallen trees along the creek. My guess is that this happened in 2011 when Mammoth Mountain received nearly 700 inches of snow. My guess is that the creek flooded and undermined the roots of many of the trees lining the creek.

I reached Parker Lake and my first impression was “Way too crowded”! I quickly decided to cross Parker Creek and get away from the crowds. Crossing the creek wasn’t easy. I’m glad my boots are waterproof. My GPS was having on my pack and it popped off into the creek. I’m glad my GPS is water resistant. My camera lens hit a fallen tree while I was negotiating my way across the creek and the lens cap popped off. I’m glad it landed on the fallen tree and didn’t get wet.

Alas, I made it across the creek and escaped the majority of the crowd. I found a good place to eat lunch and shoot a few photos. Beautiful scenery everywhere.

On my way back to the trailhead I was greeted by a panoramic view of Mono Lake.
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