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Agnew Meadows to 1000 Island Lake via PCT
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mini location map2015-07-27
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Agnew Meadows to 1000 Island Lake via PCTSierra Nevada, CA
Sierra Nevada, CA
Hiking avatar Jul 27 2015
Hiking8.70 Miles 2,435 AEG
Hiking8.70 Miles
2,435 ft AEG
1st trip
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We arrived at the smaller Agnew Meadows Parking lot at about 6:40 AM. I don’t think I got any sleep the night before. Brother-in-law Vern wasn’t feeling well. Not good, because he also was not in shape for this hike. We were on trail by about 7:00 AM. I made it to Thousand Island Lake and made it a little before 1 PM.

While searching for a campsite on the north side of the lake we past a large group, mostly high school kids with a couple of guys that I assume were chaperones. They are setting up camp on a slope on top of vegetation. A no-no. We found a campsite just past where this group was.

Right after sunset Vern told me to grab my camera, Just about 20 yards uphill from my tent was a line of 5 bucks walking by. I've been hiking in and around Mammoth Lakes for several decades and this was the first time I ever saw a buck. Not only did I see 1 buck, but 5 bucks at Thousand Island Lakes as well as 8-10 bucks on two separate days around the edge of town.

About 1AM the next morning I awoke to load yells and screams and bright lights flashing in every direction. I figured out that the noise was coming from the large group on the other side of the ridge from us. I could also hear the word “bear several times. I didn’t have my rain fly on my tent so I sat up and looked out my tent while all of this was going on. Suddenly, the bear that they were yelling at came up over the rocks and ran right by my tent and our bear canister and continued on up the hill toward the JMT. I was awakened two more times that night by the same group. Apparently the bear kept coming back and apparently, the group did not store their food very well.

The next day and night were uneventful. I shot more than a thousand photos on this camping trip. I just couldn’t get enough of the place.

By the way, the water out of Thousand Island Lake is the best water I've ever tasted.
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