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mini location map2014-09-06
24 by photographer avatarwinotron
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Gaddes Canyon #110Prescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 06 2014
Hiking5.00 Miles 1,066 AEG
Hiking5.00 Miles   3 Hrs   20 Mns   1.94 mph
1,066 ft AEG      45 Mns Break5 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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Back up to Mingus for a hike in the cooler weather. This is becoming one of my favorite places to hike. We intended to do a 7 mile loop combining 110, 9037, 108, and forest roads 413 and 104 to connect them. Basically this in reverse: For some reason I wasn't expecting to connect to 9037 so quickly so we went right by it. We were already too far past it before I realized it, so we just ended up doing an out and back on 110. I was disappointed we couldn't do the whole loop but this was still a nice trail. It was in the low 70s out there today, and cloudy most of the time. Very pleasant day.

Before the hike we went up to the lookout tower and talked to the guy manning it for a bit. Nice guy, I think he said his name was Johnny. He took us up in his tiny tower and pointed out some key spots on Mingus and some of the other trails. He recommended we check out the vista and the hang glider ramp before leaving. He said someone had spotted a bear up here last week.

This is a pretty rocky trail, but fairly wide and easy to follow. Everything is pretty well marked. It's pretty much all downhill, so we knew we had a pretty strenuous hike back up ahead of us. I love these areas at 6000-8000 elevation because of all the variety in the environment. Gaddes Canyon is pretty lush, and there were little wildflowers all over the place. Awesome views to the W/NW open up about halfway through the trail. We heard gunshot after gunshot heading down the trail, and we were getting closer and closer to them. Not sure where exactly they were coming from.

The hike back up was strenuous as expected. Nothing too steep, but the climbing is constant except for the flat middle section. There were a lot of cows and steer on that flat section. We saw a couple deer on the way back. One of them right on the trail ahead of us, and another running full speed through the trees maybe 100 feet off the trail. Pretty cool!

We took the fire lookout guy's advice and checked out the vista and the hang glider ramp before heading home. Amazing views of the Verde Valley up there. Saw 2 baby deer on the side of the road when we were leaving the hang glider ramp. So all in all we saw 4 deer today. Another awesome day on Mingus, and I'll be back here very soon to camp and hike the whole Gaddes/Coleman loop.
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