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mini location map2014-09-05
8 by photographer avatarJoelHazelton
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McFadden Horse TrailGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 05 2014
Hiking8.25 Miles 2,184 AEG
Hiking8.25 Miles
2,184 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Backpacking with Kristen and Cholla. We camped on the ledges above Parker Canyon Friday night. I woke up for sunrise, then after shooting photos, the gnats quickly drove us out of there and to the McFadden trailhead. I felt like crap upon arrival and ended up taking an hour nap in the back of the car before starting the hike.

Hiking up was hot through the manzanita, then pleasant once we hit the forest. The top of the mountain is very well cairned. If you have any experience route-finding it should not be an issue. I built a couple extra cairns where it was slightly tricky. We set up camp just below the ridge to Elephant Rock. There were a couple great sites right on the edge, but with thunderstorms moving in I wanted to be slightly less exposed. Once camp was up, we scurried to the edge to check out the storms moving in and snap some photos. We had about 10 minutes up there, then a close bolt of lightning immediately followed by a loud crack of thunder drove us out. About 30 seconds after that, the rain started, then by the time we were in our tent it was really coming down. It was about 3pm and there was no reason to go out in that storm (rain was REALLY coming down) so we closed our eyes and napped. While drifting to sleep Kristen and I were both jolted up by a flash of lightning we could both see through closed eyes. There were a couple other tense moments from the intensity of the storm, but but about 4:30pm it was over, we were all refreshed from the nap, and we emerged from the tent to see the new, wet world.

We wandered over the Elephant Rock and hung out there through sunset. Afterward, Cholla got us back to camp in the dark perfectly. The canine nose was much more effective than the cairn-hunt we would have had to do. Back at camp, a fire wasn't happening, so we had surprisingly delicious cold quesadillas (sliced cheddar, refried beans, avacado and tomato) and then passed out soon after.

I was up for sunrise and back to Elephant Rock, which was quite nice. Back at camp we packed up at a leisurely pace, enjoyed some Starbucks instant coffee, then headed out. Nice trip. I'm really liking the Anchas this summer.
"Arizona is the land of contrast... You can go from Minnesota to California in a matter of minutes, then have Mexican food that night." -Jack Dykinga
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