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Acatenango Volcano Guatemala, WW
mini location map2014-11-26
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Acatenango Volcano Guatemala, WW 
Acatenango Volcano Guatemala, WW
Hiking avatar Nov 26 2014
Hiking4.00 Miles 1,800 AEG
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On what was supposed to be a clear and calm day on the forecast turned out to be anything but that.
Steph and I spent the night in Antigua Guatemala at a hostel and had a fun time at the bar with a few beers before heading out to the most wonderful volcano in Guatemala, Acatenango.
The following morning we headed out to San Miguel Dueñas to what we thought we could take a bus to the small town of La Soledad, the trailhead place for this hike. We come to find out theres only two buses from that direction to La Soledad.....bad logistics research from my part. We ended up waiting for the better part of an hour to get a ride under pretty crappy weather conditions, we were at the base of the volcano on the opposite side of our intended route under windy, cloudy and the threat of rain.
As we waited we debated plan B options and one of those was to scrap the climb altogether and head to the beach.....unfortunately for us a guy with a truck drove by and graciously gave us a ride all the way to La Soledad. Weather didnt improve at all during the early morning, it was around 9AM when we started hiking and a 15 year old kid headed over to his family's plot of land accompanied us for the first 30 minutes of the hike. As we kept making our way up we slowly entered the cloud forest section of the volcano and into the low level cloud cover, the moisture in the air made it difficult to stay on trail due to its muddy conditions and the more we climbed the worse it got. We reached the second rest area and Stephanie was feeling rather disappointed with the weather and didnt want to keep going, we debated what we should do.....I wanted to keep going in the hopes the weather would cooperate in the afternoon and all would be okay. Being the cold that it was we pitched our tent and waited it out for about 1.5 hours and the weather stayed pretty much the same. I talked to my dad by phone and looked at the forecast and the news wasnt good, it was then that we decided to turn back and head back home. Once back at the trailhead there was a family and the father came over and talked to us, he was curious about the Acatenango itself, i told him all i knew about it since i had climbed it previously, it was a little while later as we waited for the chicken bus to drive by that he offered to take us back to Antigua on the back of his truck. Once we got back into town we kindly said our thank you's and good byes and took the chicken bus back to Guatemala City in which we had tamales made by my mom waiting for us.
I wish the weather had cooperated that day but it wasnt meant to be, I still wanted to climb Acatenango but unfortunately for Stephanie she was flying back a couple days later and didnt get that second chance, as for myself i did get a second chance that same saturday with way better results.
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